Tipis, Yurts & Tents

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Daniel from Tartaruga can tailor products to your needs



All Tipis are made with 8Oz Rip-stop Regentex that is FWR treated.
The Regentex is a 50/50 blend of Poly/Cotton that makes the fabric more durable for sun and bad weather. The rip-stop makes it really strong and allows the material to be a bit lighter to 12Oz or more.

The prices of the Tipis include inner liners and drip stop in the same material and include pegs and a bag for storage and transport.
Not included and can be provided are the poles as the enormous length make it difficult to be transported for greater distances. But hey, we are in Portugal so there are Eucalyptus poles to be found everywhere for good prices.

5 metres E1,420
6 metres E1,700
7 metres E2,150
8 metres E2,450

Pricing for bigger or smaller sizes can be given on request.

Yurts (Ger)

Yurts is the Russian word for any Nomadic structure with insulation and waterproofing.
Ger is the Mongolian word for house. Having the experience of living in a handmade Ger of the best quality for almost 14 years shows the difference between both Ger-Yurt. I was part of the
http://www.nooitmeerhaast.nl/ crew for 4 years having build top quality Ger.

Our standard Ger are sturdy, durable, easily pitched & transported and can stand storms, snow loads and heavy rain. They are made with best materials only, best canvas, glue, wood, covers and insulation. For window material Lexan is used, an unbreakable-UV treated material. No windows are being stitched in the walls.

The covering materials are as following;
1 inner washable cover, then insulation layer, then waterproofing layer and then an outer cover that protects the canvas from UV and dust-keeps all together and can be used for decoration.

Standard means that they come with one door (adapted to size).

Extra large doors and extra doors can be made for surplus prize. These doors can function as windows or just an extra way out and in.

They come without floor and burner/heater. Construction of floors can be done and advice on burners given.

Standard prices are as following and are adaptable:

4 metres E4,500
5 metre E5,600
6 metre E7,100
7 metre E8,500


Yur-T is a fun tent and very open for your inspiration and wishes. It comes more or less as you want it, going from sizes of 3.5 metre to 5-6 metre, in colour, cotton canvas or plain white R8Oz.
They have one central pole and smaller poles on the outside.
The bigger versions can have separate inner compartments.
They are great for camping, hosting events and circles.
Groundsheets can be provided for surplus prize.

Standard prizes are:
3.5 metre EU550
4 metre EU680
5 metre EU790