Glamping Pods

Prices From:


Directly from the manufacturer of the original Pod in Portugal


Providing the highest quality Pod on the market.

Built using durable, sustainable and recyclable materials, the Pods include superior non flammable wall, roof and floor insulation (with top rated performance in both hot and cold weather), double glazed glass doors and windows, pressure treated solid timber deck and beams, stainless steel fixings and fittings, metal storm-proof roof tiles (guaranteed for at least 30 years).

The reinforced structure is durable, low maintenance and built to UK and European regulations. All Pods come with electrics installed that can be used with off-grid or mains connections, all interior / exterior LED lighting. Structures manufactured in Portugal come with a 5-year guarantee, and given due usage and maintenance, are expected to last for various generations.

The Pods are delivered fully assembled for ease of installation and do not require foundations, simply a level gravel base. The Pods are classified as non-permanent structures. The Pods come in a range of 4 sizes , all built with the same materials, anything from a simple camping pod to a fully equipped, self-catering glamping pod.


Prices from €5650.00 plus €1299.60 (23% IVA), plus delivery fee.