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Covering the most amount of space with the least amount of material


Geodesic Domes are the strongest structure known in the architectural world. They cover the most amount of space with the least amount of material. Domes are portable, quick and easy to assemble and yet can withstand any snow and wind load required.

The American Institute of Architects awarded R. Buckminster Fuller a gold medal, acclaiming his invention, the geodesic dome, as “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man“.

The manufacturers have perfected the function and beauty of these portable Geodesic Domes over the last 30 years, in which time people have been living in them close to nature. Giving a comfortable and energy efficient environment, safe in high winds, heavy snows, and earthquakes!

Energy Efficiency
There are two reasons domes are energy efficient. The ambient airflow inside the dome is continuous, with no stagnant corners, requiring less energy to circulate air and maintain even temperatures. The energy required to heat and cool a dome is approximately 30% less than a conventional building. The second is the high volume-to-surface-area ratio, requiring less building materials to enclose more space. The lower the ratio of a building’s outside perimeter to its enclosed living area, the less energy is required for building, heating and cooling.
The sphere has 25% less surface area per volume enclosed than any other shape. The dome combines the inherent stability of triangles with the advantageous volume-to-surface-area ratio of a sphere. The larger the dome, the more efficient it becomes. This is demonstrated by doubling the diameter, which encloses eight times the volume.

• Frame – Standard galvanized steel frame with hardware
• Cover – Shelter cover with bay window
• Ventilation – Base roll-up flaps with zippers
• Windows – Round, removable windows
• Door – Weather-tight door or pre-hung door opening
• Anchor plates to anchor frame to floor
• Dome Care Manual including Deck Plans and assembly instructions

• Zip-off roof/skylight | Zip-off bay window
• Round door | Extra doors/windows | Custom window and door placements | Connections for multiple domes
• Roof screen | Base roll-up screens | Door screens | Round window screens | Bay window screen
• Powder coated frame
• Stove vent flashing and pipe cap
• Solar fan
• Winterizing (Insulation for roof only or whole dome)

• Floor plans to build a floor, not physical flooring)
• Sanitation (Indoor sealed unit composting toilets)
• Temperature Control (Cooling, Heating, Insulation)
• Furniture (Floating Beds and Air Chairs)

EXAMPLE: 16ft. (5m) Basic Dome: 3,200 euros
Floor Area: 195 sq.ft. (18 sq.meters)
Ceiling Height: 8 ft. 2 in. (2.5 meters)
Bay Window: 5ft. tall x 14ft. wide (1.5×4.3 meters)
Dome Weight: 185 – 200 lbs. (84 – 91 kg.)
Frame Package: 5ft. x 18in. x 18in. (1.5 x .5 x .5 meters)
Cover Package: 3ft. x 18in. x 18in. (.9 x .5 x .5 meters)
Assembly Time: 2 hours with a crew of 2 (double your first time)

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