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The Art of Composting in Portugal

Creating a successful compost pile is an enriching endeavour for any property owner in Portugal, blending seamlessly with the pursuit of sustainability and the cultivation of lush, productive gardens. It is not as simple as ‘chuck it in a pile and leave it’ but it certainly does not need to feel daunting either! We thought we would share some top tips on the ‘art’ of layering your compost, this is really a critical process that balances green (nitrogen-rich) and brown ...Read more

The Goldmine in Weeds!

Forget the pricey commercial fertilisers! Embrace the magic of fermented “weed tea” – with a hidden treasure trove of nutrients – plus it doesn’t cost a penny! Years ago, our ancestors weren’t rushing to stores to buy fertilisers. They had their secrets – compost, manure, and even… wait for it… urine! But one secret weapon that’s been overlooked is Weeds. Yes, the ones you might be regularly discarding! Many people have heard of comfrey tea, which is a fabulous way ...Read more