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Portuguese Residency: Navigating Visa Options for Property Owners

Understanding the intricacies of residency and visa options for property owners is essential. Here we share a short guide to help make things seem a little less hazy! Residency Options for Property Owners (remember as a rule anyone can buy in Portugal regardless of your residency status!) Portugal offers several pathways to residency for property owners. The most renowned is the Golden Visa program, which allows non-EU investors to gain residency by purchasing property. Although there have been recent changes ...Read more

New Year, New Home: Top Locations to Buy Property in Portugal in 2024

In 2024 Portugal remains an idyllic destination for property seekers. Renowned for its diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant lifestyle, Portugal offers a wealth of opportunities for investors and homebuyers alike. Here we take a look at some of the top places people are looking to purchase property in 2024! The Algarve: Timeless Appeal The Algarve, with its breathtaking beaches and top-notch golf courses, continues to captivate property buyers in 2024. Quaint towns like Albufeira, Lagos, and Faro blend old-world ...Read more

The Pure Portugal Guide To Portuguese Public Holidays & Celebrations – 2024

Whether you are just visiting Portugal or already living here you will want to be sure you know the important dates and public holidays which happen through the year, many businesses close over holidays and there are some great celebrations to join in with too! Not all businesses close for a public holiday, generally you can still find supermarkets and main shops open especially in larger places, public transport will still run usually also, but expect to find the local ...Read more

Growing Your Own Food in Portugal: January – Embracing Winter’s Subtlety

In the heart of winter, January in Portugal offers a unique palette for the dedicated gardener. Let’s explore how the Portuguese landscape’s subtle beauty can be harnessed during this quiet season. Understanding January in Portugal: The north experiences chillier days, central regions see milder temperatures, while the south enjoys a gentle Mediterranean climate. This variety across the country creates diverse opportunities for gardening. Water and Soil Management: January is typically a wet month, especially in the north. Harvesting rainwater now ...Read more

Getting a visa to live in Portugal

There are many types of visa which you can use to move to and live in Portugal – some of the lesser known types of visa for Portugal are the Start-up Visa, Study Visa, Employment Visa and the Family Reunification Visa to name a few, but here below we have shared information on the more commonly used visas to consider for anyone wanting to move to Portugal from outside the EU. Visa-Free Stay: Eligibility: Citizens from the UK, USA, Canada, ...Read more

Christmas in Portugal

Some of us are preparing for our first Christmas in Portugal! Some of us are well-seasoned stayers for Portuguese Festivities! Having spent Christmas in many different countries over the years and having the joy of seeing many different traditions and celebrations I can truly say that none compares to the warmth and love of the Portuguese Christmas! Little villages and towns are adorned with decorations, nativity scenes ‘presépio’, coloured lights and more often now the seemingly obligatory climbing Santa. In ...Read more

Cultural Etiquette for New Residents in Portugal: What You Need to Know!!!

Transitioning into a new culture can often be as exhilarating as it is challenging. As you take the leap to become a resident in Portugal, understanding some simple local cultural etiquettes can help smoothen your journey. 1. Greetings Politeness is valued in Portugal. A firm handshake and a smile when meeting acquaintances. Close friends and family often greet each other with a kiss on both cheeks, starting from the right hand side! 2. Use Formal Titles Using formal titles like ...Read more

“Everyone speaks English!”

Many thanks to by Leslie Smith for this fabulous insight 🙂 Recently I was contacted by an American expat who intending to write the Portuguese B1 exam soon. A California native, this professional woman now lives with her husband in a beautiful Portuguese surfing town where she takes Portuguese lessons. Still, Catarina (not her real name) was uneasy that her level of Portuguese might not be up to par for the exam. She had not taken the easier A2 level ...Read more

How to learn Portuguese — and why you should!

Thank you to the wonderful Leslie Smith for another great article and insight! Portuguese is a difficult language to learn. Ok, let’s be frank, it’s notoriously difficult. Part of the problem is that Brazilian Portuguese tends to dominate, and grammatical rules, expressions and the accent (“o sotaque”) are noticeably different. Just when you think you have mastered something, a great expression, say, boom, it’s Brazilian. There are lots of different local accents throughout Portugal which can complicate things, as well ...Read more

Grant Opportunities In Portugal

Many thanks to Rachel Rachel Zedeck for this article. Hello Pure Portugal Farmers! Today I am here to talk to you about NEW Grant Opportunities (PDR2020) I receive a LOT of inquiries about grants.  More funding has been released into PDR2020, an existing grant program. These funds seek to support Youth, Low Density Areas and Marketing of Local Agri Products. There is also support for tourism projects too. A quick update with some things to note! 1) Youth means under ...Read more

DIY Natural Swimming Pool in Portugal

We bring you this article from the wonderful Quinta Kania – please do head to their website to see the fabulous workshops and events they are holding!! There is no need to explain why the idea of a natural swimming pool makes everyone so excited. Summer in Portugal, with temperatures often above 30°C, makes you want to spend all day in the water. Plus being able to replace all the chemical pool treatments with beautiful plants, sounds brilliant! A Natural ...Read more

The A2 (CIPLE) Portuguese language proficiency test

The A2 exam is held several times annually in Portugal and usually two times per year in locations outside the country, often at a Portuguese consulate. Pre-registration is mandatory and the cut-off date is usually about a month before the exam. This exam is necessary for Portuguese citizenship or permanent residency. It confers the necessary ”CIPLE” or ”Certificado Inicial de Português Língua Estrangeira”, showing holders have a basic understanding of everyday Portuguese. However, there are some exceptions to who needs a ...Read more

Hay & Silage

If you aren’t planting your own, it’s a GREAT time to pre-order spring hay. Prices in bulk can be negotiated and you know that really fresh hay is available. A few notes to consider – 1)  Find a regular supplier – they will save you when you really need a delivery! 2) Ask about the contents – NOT all hay is equal – native grass, azevem (rye grass), aveia (oat), luzerna (alfalfa) and more. 3)  Nutrition – Think about protein, ...Read more

Living In Portugal – Settling In

Moving home is exciting and stressful at the best of times, moving country and home is often an even more unnerving experience, regardless of how sure you are that making a move is the right thing to do! All of the members of the Pure Portugal team have moved country (some more than once!) so we thought we would put together a guide with some of our top tips to help you feel at home as soon as possible. Before ...Read more

Pure Portugal – What We Do

Pure Portugal do not provide legal help or advice to anyone, neither do we accept payment or financially benefit from legal services. It is necessary that you always source your own lawyer/solicitor independently and ensure you find someone you are happy to work with. As a team we have all moved country before and have either purchased/rented/sold property or lived in Portugal, so we understand first-hand the process and how confusing and daunting it might feel! When you search the ...Read more

Your Drivers Licence In Portugal

Here we hope to dispel some of the myth and confusion which comes with driving in Portugal and whether you need to do anything with your driver’s licence be it an EU licence, British licence or a driving licence from outside of the EU. You will not, as a rule, need a Portuguese driving licence if you are just a temporary visitor in Portugal (temporary being anything up to six months) generally, you are permitted to drive using your international ...Read more


If you find your new home through the Pure Portugal website we will send you 50euros to spend on anything you like! Trees, a meal out, some hens, flowers, seeds, tools, fabulous Portuguese wine… just let us know the property reference, your bank details or paypal address and we will whizz it straight over to you with love and hugs from the whole team!   ...Read more

Ahimsa Food Forest

Today we meet Em McGowan & Simon Hickman who found their property through Pure Portugal & started the Ahimsa Food Forest & Permaculture Project at Quinta Ahinsa. They believe that we all have a responsibility to take care of our planet & chose to take on a Permaculture project & live by the three Permaculture ethics, Earth Care, People Care & Fair share, which integrates well with their Reiki principles of being kind to every living thing & living honestly ...Read more

Portuguese bread (and a little rant)

Some days ago I ranted a bit on Facebook and Instagram because of the insane amount of tourists today who are worried, mostly, with collecting stamps on their passports and taking selfies for the gram – you know what I mean. Years ago I stopped reading travel blogs (except for a select few) because of how most of them just seemed to have a checklist of places to visit but apparently didn’t really reap any real, life-enriching benefit from all ...Read more