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Support From Pure Portugal

Over the 16 years that we have been in business, we have really learned a thing or two about the ways we can help people when it comes to moving to and buying in Portugal. As a team we have all moved country before and purchased and sold property in Portugal, so we understand first-hand the process and how confusing and daunting it might feel! When you search the Pure Portugal portal you will see many different properties located all ...Read more

What you see isn’t always what you get (when you buy a property in Portugal)

This saying applies commonly in Portugal. Especially when you purchase property in a rural area. Typically when you want to buy a property, you travel to Portugal, view several places, find the right one, fall in love with it, and you immediately begin to imagine what you could do to make it just like the place you have dreamed about for years. You begin to negotiate the price, you reach an agreement, shake hands and that’s it! Well, not quite. ...Read more

Covid-19 & The Property Purchase Market In Portugal

At the moment everyone is worried about the Covid-19 virus and the effect it might have on the health of oneself, loved ones and wider circles. These worries are understandable, however can be overwhelmingly increased by something far worse than Covid-19: Fear. Fear is all around us nowadays, in the news, social media, everywhere! Fear affects another important thing: Confidence. People lose confidence in themselves and in the future. Fighting fear and lack of confidence is as much important as ...Read more

Living In Portugal – The Promissory Contract

A few months ago we asked the Pure Portugal community what their top legal concerns where when it comes to living in Portugal – Thanks to Solicitor Nuno Almeida for his blog about the importance of promissory contracts when it comes to completing property purchases in Portugal. When buying property in Portugal you need to consider several points from beginning to completion of purchase . Usually after finding a property you like you will make contact with the seller or ...Read more

Moving To Portugal – Ricky’s Story

  We thought it would be helpful to have some Q&A’s from real people who have made the move already.Some are newly arrived, others have been here for much longer, meaning you can get a broad range of experiences from people to get a real feel for what it is like to move to Portugal and start living your dream! Today we meet South African Ricky De Agrila who moved to Portugal in 2017! How did you find Pure Portugal? ...Read more