YEE135: Quinta das Cervas

Gouveia, Guarda



Habitable house, ruins and 3.5ha land

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Property Description

Amazing lush organic farm with abundance of water year-round in a hidden valley. The cottage is a beautiful restored granite barn that has been lovingly handcrafted using natural materials only (lime/hemp plaster and clay paint) and chestnut roundwood from the land, with a beautiful warm and inviting feeling and a lot of natural light. Because of its thick granite walls and lime and clay plaster, it stays cool during the summer days and warm during winter.

There are three levels, the main living space including kitchen and living room area, a mezzanine or gallery, and a large storage space underneath the main living space, which has its own access, containing the batteries, inverter and charger for the solar system, but that could also be converted into a workshop space. The main living area features large shelves handcrafted from chestnut roundwood and Douglas Fir and a handcrafted kitchen of cedar, chestnut and Douglas Fir wood, both made by a local artisan carpenter. There is a large wood burner/oven handmade by our excellent local blacksmith that provides excellent heating and enough heat for baking many delicious breads, pizzas, and cakes! The mezzanine level can be used as a ‘bedroom’ and has shelving for clothes. The house is wired up for electricity from the solar system and has five double power points spaced around the area. It is also plumbed for water from the water mine and provides good pressure.

Just outside the main door to the house is the planned bathroom, which is partly stone and partly weatherboard. This is already plumbed in and there is an electric cable for a light fixing. Doors and windows for the house are all chestnut and handmade by two local craftsmen.

Other buildings/ruins
Next door to the restored house is another and even larger house that can be restored into a big living space, workshop or accommodation, with plenty of room for an upstairs or gallery level. Plus beneath the house is a large storage/workshop area which is currently a storage place for wood. There are a number of other ruins on the land. There is a small ruin near the restored house perfect as an outside kitchen area, patio, tool shed or guest accommodation, and a much larger
one just down from the big terrace. This larger ruin is overlooking the river, is partly built round and has the potential to be restored as a living space with a big window front facing south, or as a big greenhouses or animal shelter.

Solar system
The property has a powerful 24v solar system in place (which is included with the sale – details below) that provides plenty of electricity. An Outback Inverter and Charge Controller and four 6v Deep Cycle Rolls batteries are housed below the main living area. There are four panels on a purpose-built revolving frame on the main terrace outside

The land totals 3.5ha and is approximately 3kilometres from the nearest village, Figueiro da Serra and is completely private and not overlooked by any other village or buildings. It was brought back to life about 6years ago after lying dormant for over 40years. It has a few large wide terraces that slope down towards the stream which acts as one of the borders with our nearby neighbours, another beautiful permaculture farm. There is a small but fertile organic vegetable and established herb garden on the main terrace with two Hugelbeds that have been settling in nicely and providing bumper crops of squashes, tomatoes etc. There is an abundance of highly nutritious wild edible foods and herbs on the land, like nettles, chickweed etc, as well as many mushrooms in the autumn – parasol and the king of gourmet mushrooms, the cep (porcini).

There is an abundance of trees on the farm that provide a life-long supply of fire wood from their coppice alone. The chestnut trees in our small forest have grown straight and so make an excellent asset as building material for your own needs or as a possible income stream! There are many other mature trees on the land including a small cherry orchard which provides an abundance of sweet black cherries, chestnut groves giving bountiful amounts of chestnuts each year that can be sold, made into chestnut flour or used as animal fodder, a few large walnuts that provide many nuts, and many oaks, willows, hawthorn, blackthorn and elder. There are also small plum trees, olive trees, and a very abundant fig tree right outside the house that is surrounded by a hand-built wall perfect to sit and relax on under shade and munch on the delicious figs.

This farm is blessed with an abundance of fresh, clean water year-round! There is a beautiful and very productive water mine (around 8 litres per minute during the height of summer) conveniently located above the house that provides enough water for the house and for irrigation. Water that comes straight out of the ground collects in a feeder pond and is then fed to the house and other tap points by pipes. The overflow from the water mine is directed to a series of ponds downhill from the mine to eventually flow into the river again whilst irrigating the land and storing water.

In addition to the water mine, there is a beautiful fresh water stream that runs continuously and abundantly throughout the year, and provides huge potential for a micro-hydro system for unlimited electricity year-round and to irrigate much more of the land. The stream runs along at least 200metres of the property and forms a natural boundary to east and north. The stream has many little natural pools and small waterfalls along its course, it’s truly magical and makes for the perfect spot during the summer heat. The entire community is committed to keeping it clean and there are no farms directly above us so all our water is fresh and clean and there is no spraying of any pesticides around us as all surrounding farms are ecologically managed, many based on permaculture principles. We had the water in both the stream and mine tested and it is excellent for drinking!

This is a unique opportunity! This magnificent organic farm consists of about 3.5ha and is situated in a hidden valley in the natural park of the Serra da Estrela with an abundance of year- round delicious clean fresh water, many bountiful mature trees, including sweet chestnut, oak, willow and cherry, some young olive trees, wild plums, established herb garden and a beautiful, restored granite house with incredible views of up to 60km over Portugal. This farm has a huge potential as a retreat space, permaculture project and food forest, and/or a home for one or several individuals and families.

The local neighbourhood and the area: There is a beautiful Portuguese and international neighbourhood of families and individuals in the area, with visitors from all over the world visiting nearby permaculture farms, workshops and healing retreats. There are local yoga classes and many other workshops, and annual summer camps for children. You can live as quiet or socially engaged as you like. This is a good community with wonderful people, committed to keeping the land and waters clean. The local mayor is a woman who has been very kind and helpful.

The land is situated in a quiet valley between the beautiful historic villages Linhares da Beira and Folgosinho, about 10mins by car from the N17 (Estrada Nacional) and about 30mins from the A25 (none of these are audible from the land)

Good access via public track.
Good Internet access (we always used a dongle)

Elevation about 750mtrs.

Serious buyers only please.

Property Location

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