TRB130: Quinta da Ribeira Escura

Mangualde, Viseu



Current Status:SOLD

Main house and a guest house in land with fruit trees and water tanks

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Property Description

3ha land with main house, guest house, several trees and water tanks.

The main house has an area of about 170m2 divided into two floors.
With 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 office, 1 kitchen.

Outside there is one storage room and 1 house for machines. Central heating works with wood burning in the firebox and/or diesel. Being mostly built of stone, the house is cool in summer and so air conditioning is not required. It is equipped with solar thermal system for water heating. Has a rudimentary system to use the produced grey water for plants irrigation. The house is surrounded by a deck with slabs of granite keeping the house cleaner and more protected from forest fires.

Surrounding the house there are several gardens mainly filled by aromatic herbs like lavender, rosemary, tea prince, lucia lime, mint, peppermint, and other species that flood the house with their scent all over the year.

Next to the main house there is a small pool fed by rainwater streamed from the roof. Beyond the gardens and the pool, next to the house there is an open garage, a kennel for dogs that guard the land, a grill and a woody oven.

Main house surrounds: frontal garden; back yard garden; pool (maximum length: 7m; maximum width: 2,5m); open garage for 2 cars; kennel for dogs; grill and oven.

There’s a guest house about 25m from the main house. This building has an area of about 50m2, has 1 bedroom, 1 living room with kitchen and 1 bathroom. This is a house design with environmental concerns considering such as: the most of its coverage is a living roof (or green roof); has a dry toilet (doesn’t waste water); and the grey water produced are reused in the irrigation of the garden.

There’s also a solar photovoltaic to produce electricity. This system has a panel area of 20m2 and produces an average of about 20kWh. This production is much more than enough to support the consumption of the land and therefore a part of it is sold to be ejected in the public electricity network.

At about 100m from the main house there is a construction, equipped with water and electricity, which serves for agricultural activities. This construction has an area of 130m2 and is fully net fenced covering a total area of about 900m2. Both inside and outside areas of this construction are divided into 11 divisions allowing for diversified use of this space (for example for animals production).

The land has several trees (cherry, apple, fig, etc.) and several vine plants in a mature state for fruit production.

The farm is very well equipped for dry periods. 3 water tanks supplied by rainwater were constructed. These tanks totalling a volume of 25m3 of water, which in summer are used for irrigation. Besides that, a well with a water capacity of 30m3 is used to supply the potable water needs. Even in the dry summer of 2005, this well continued having draft water.

Several other infrastructures, such as two timber shelters, support the Farm activities. There is a dry toilet outside of the house which reduces the people entering in it. There is also a ruined house that can be reconstructed, increasing the value of the Farm and further expanding the possibilities of using this area for eco/agro tourism. Beehives or worm box are more examples of other stocks of lesser value that also exists in the Farm.

Located in a village of the municipality of Mangualde, in the District of Viseu, in the centre north of Portugal. Its location makes it close to the Atlantic coast and Spain, both accessed by highway A25, and to Serra da Estrela (mountain), where you can practice winter sports. Please see Figure 1.

The village is typically rural. People are humble and friendly. Their main livelihood is agriculture and pastoralism. Your greatest wealth is the natural environment and landscape that this village offers. There are several hiking trails in the vicinity, including the Trail of Gil Vicente, which begins in the village of Guimarães de Tavares, where this famous writer was born. More information about this area can be found at

Being so isolated, the Quinta is constantly invaded by the melodies of the birds, the bells of the sheep, the crowing of the cock and the murmur of the water in the brook. Here there is no asphalt and therefore the only cars circulating belong to the Farm. Pollution is not felt and the only smells provide from the prevalent flowers like rosemary or heather. The beautiful landscape over the Serra da Estrela makes the first view in the morning as a sure of a good day.
The alliance of the melodies, smells and the landscape, combined with the hands work on the soil and to the flavour of natural products that the Farm provide us a cocktail of sensations that only a few have the opportunity of feel.

Ribeira Escura gives the name to the Farm. Stream with a width of about 2m and a depth around 1m, rarely gets dry, however, in dry summers, it is common that the water stop drafting resting the water stocked in the rudimentary dam of rocks. During the winter, several birds like ducks or herons nest here. The cold and clean waters sustain the neighbour animals that come into it to quench its thirst.

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