JOO289: Quinta da Lavandeira

Cabeceiras de Basto, Braga



2 bed farmhouse, plus granite farmhouse, gardens, woodland and fruit trees.

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Property Description

House 1 (main house) is a two-storey granite farmhouse, totally reconstructed in 2001.

Outside measurements are 6x15m (excl. the roofed terrace at the west side). Only the outer walls were left standing, everything else is new, although the outside appearance has been left as much as possible intact, using local and traditional materials such as oak beams for the roof and chestnut wood for the doors, windows and blinds.

Ground floor: Utility room (2.80m x 5.10m) with counter and connections for the washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher.

Hallway and stairs to the upper floor.

Under-stair cupboard (2.10m x 0.80m).

Bathroom (1.65m x 3.10m).

Bedroom (3.80m x 4.00m).

Storage room/wine cellar (with own entrance, 4.30m x 2.70m).

Roofed terrace (2.50m wide) over the full length of the west side, under it are 2 brick cubicles for the gas bottles and the gas water heater.

Upper floor: Living room with open kitchen (4.80m x 7.60m) and entrance to the front.

Bedroom (2.80m x 4.70m).

Attic above the bedroom.

Roofed balcony (2.80m x 5.50m).

Gas: For cooking and water heating we use propane in 35 kg bottles, which are delivered to the house. Water comes from our own spring at the highest level of the property. It is more than enough for our own use and the irrigation of the garden and the vegetable garden. The quality is excellent.

Electricity: 230V and day and night rates. A few years ago a transformer was placed in the neighbourhood, since then the mains voltage is quite stable.

Sewage: The main house is connected to a two compartment septic tank.

Heating: Our main heating is a wood stove. Firewood is free, we live in the midst of it! For additional heating we have an electric storage heater (heating up during the night and releasing the heat throughout the day). This type of heater is also used in the downstairs bedroom. The other bedroom and the bath room have ordinary electric wall heaters.

Telephone and internet: The house is connected to the telephone mains. For internet we use a mobile (umts) connection.

We have available all necessary papers of ownership and the reconstruction of the house, including the most important one, the licença de habitabilidade (the permit that allows the house to be used for habitation).

House 2 (Casa de Baixo, guest house) A two-storeyed granite farmhouse, totally reconstructed in 2013/14. Outside measurements are 9.20×5.30 metres. Only the outer walls were left standing, everything else was replaced. We did leave the outside appearance as much as possible intact, i.e. we only used the existing openings for windows and doors.

Ground floor: Storage room (± 10 m²).

Upper floor: Living/bedroom with open kitchen (26 m²).

Bathroom (5 m²).

Outside a brick cubicle for the gas water heater and the gas bottle. Gas: For hot water and the hob we use normal butane bottles, which are delivered at the house.

Water: Via the main house. Electricity: Via the main house.

Sewage: The house is connected to a separate two compartment septic tank.

Heating: Electric wall heaters.

2 hectare grounds are facing south, south-east; altitude about 500 metres. The largest part consists of terraced and walled fields, to the east and the west flanked by monte (rock). The upper fields are maintained by the neighbours, they let their cow graze every now and again, in the winter they prune the vines and in September they harvest the grapes.

On the grounds there are oaks, planes, sweet chestnuts (with a large harvest each autumn!), cherry trees, pines, olive trees, and american oaks that we planted on the highest and lowest fields. Only on the monte we left some eucalyptus and a row of mimosa.

Near the house is a garden and vegetable garden. Around the house is a garden with roses, oleanders, camelias and hydrangeas. There is also a large orange tree behind the house and several olive trees.

For watering the flower beds drip hoses are used. All paving of patios and paths is Calçada à Portuguesa (granite cobblestones).

Next to the house the former stone pigsty is fitted with a tiled roof, and now used as a shed for storing potting compost, flower pots etc.

Near the house is also a carport with water and electricity connections.

The vegetable garden is a continuation of the garden where the owners grow cherry tomatoes, thornless blackberries, courgettes, cardoun and all sorts of herbs. There are also several fruit trees – apple, orange, lemon, tangerine, almond, plum, peach, pear, hazelnut, etc.

The water is provided by a tank that lies on a higher level.

The property is situated about 6km north of Cabeceiras de Basto, Braga district, in the Minho province. Just outside a hamlet but not isolated, with a permanent free and wide view over the valley of the river Peio.  Access roads all paved, the last 150 metres a dirt road.

The quinta lies in the foothills of the Serra da Cabreira, a beautiful area with excellent possibilities for walking, mountain biking, horse riding and 4WD trips.

In Cabeceiras are all facilities and services: shops, schools, banks, post office, town hall, health care centre, bus station, restaurants, pastelarias, weekly market, pharmacies, indoor pool, petrol stations, etc.

The distance to the city of Braga is 50km, to Guimarães 40km.

Many more photos are available, please email.

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