MAG170: Solar das Palmeiras

Celorico da Beira, Guarda



Manor House,outbuildings, courtyard and gardens. 5,000m2 land with olivegrove and several fruit trees.

Property Advertised by: Mediator / Translator (on behalf of owner)

Property Description

An amazing solar with 5000m2 of terrain with over 90 olive trees and many well established fruit trees. Could make a great hostel or B&B or similar tourism project.

The village facing side of the solar is fully gated and has quite a well established ornamental garden. Out back there is an interior courtyard area that accesses a large garage for a car or workshop, a self contained granny flat, a stone fire oven, a large chicken pen and a garden with several fruit trees and plenty of space where the owner currently has her chickens running free within this protected inner courtyard.

Exiting out the gate and into the main quinta area you have the olive orchard along with many other fruit and nut varieties (large plum tree, oranges, mandarins, 3 different variety of figs, about 7-10 hazelnut trees, persimmon, apples, cherry, large nespereira and some other varieties).

The solar itself has about 10 bedrooms, most of which have 2 windows each. 2 bedrooms on the ground floor, 4 on the 1st floor and 3-4 more up in the attic level. 3 of the bedrooms have a balcony. One on the side looking out over the village and the other on the side looking over the quintal and the Serra da Estrela mountain ranges. It is pristinely kept and in amazing condition. The lady who owns it did not want us to take photos of the interior due to her overcautious nature but we can say that the space itself is quite amazing. Aside from the bedrooms it also has a large entry, kitchen, lounge and 2 large bathrooms (one with a balcony). All in very classic original style. The potential here is amazing.

The village has quite an established infrastructure with regards to a market that was quite well known for happening in this town. Unfortunately the market itself is not such a big thing any more, but there is potential for developing this into something quite funky and alternative.

Property Location

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