HIPP980: Lake Estate

Pedrógão Grande, Leiria



Large villa with 2 apartments, guesthouse and 10,500m2 with orchard and greenhouse.

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Property Description

This villa has many reasons why you will fall in love with it, as soon as you will pay a visit:

Apart from the main house (392 m2), there are another 2 very nice apartments of 2 rooms each (49m2 and 36m2), plus a guest house of 91 m2. Covered terraces of 39m2, 16m2, 9m2 and 25m2.

The land has about 10,500 m2.

It is built with very precious materials. The floors are all marble or real hard wood, the doors are all handmade from hard wood; there are 4 fire places in the main house and 1 in the guest house. There is one huge Pizza oven and the kitchens have the highest quality in every respect.

Under floor heating in the whole house, the warm water is heated by 4 solar panels of vacuum pipes or 2 fire places. The solar system and the fireplaces do also heat the water for domestic use. The ventilation system supplies fresh pre warmed air to the rooms, keeps the dust and insects out and can cool the house in summer.

The house is extremely well insulated, so that more or less a passive house standard is reached. On cold but sunny winter days, the house does not need heating. On cold days without sun, the fireplace will heat via the under floor heating the house. German PVC windows with low energy glazing 1.0W/m2K.

The house was constructed by a swiss architect for his own family and is therefore extremely comfortable to live in.

The summer kitchen with a double washing basin of marble, cabinets and another pizza oven is very useful to prepare the food on summer days.

There are two ancient wells, which give water the whole year round, one is covered and serves as supply for water for domestic use in best drinking quality. Besides that, there is a deep drill well of 80m, that supplies abundant water even in extremely dry summers. The own water tank on the highest part of the property serves as deposit and sends the water with natural gravity and good pressure to the house, orchards and gardens.

The Photovoltaic system generates about 7 to 8 kWh daily and can store 18 kWh. If the system does not charge enough electricity on some cloudy days in sequence, it automatically switches to the public electricity net.

The greenhouse of 150 m2 supplies you from June to December with tomatoes, cucumbers, bringal and peppers. In winter you get peas, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, leaks, spinach, beets and much more. Even outside, you can grow here in winter lettuce, leeks, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. But in the greenhouse, it grows much better and faster.

The orchard offers all kinds of fruit trees to harvest all year round: 2 huge fig trees (dry those you cannot eat), many citric trees, grapes without end (make 450 ltr juice with the surplus), kakis, many kiwis (ripe in December to January), peaches, apricots, pears, plums, apples, huge cherry trees, chestnut, 2 big walnut trees, huge hazelnut bushes, 3 big nespera, delicious passion fruits, avocado, long hedges of raspberries to harvest in May and September and 30 old olive trees. 4 long rows of white and green esparagus. Grow your food on more than 3000 m2 of best deep black soil, used for almost 20 years of organic agriculture. The irrigation system for the trees and the gardens will make it easy to keep the gardens nice and fruitful.

The elegant ornamental gardens with the old walls of natural stones, big palm trees, cork oaks, huge grown trees and many mediterranean plants give a warm feeling of summer and holidays.

There is another attached plot with an approval for a construction of another villa. This construction can be extended up to an area of 400m2 for habitation.

The view is just perfect to relax: you see a long mountain chain covered with pine forest, a cosy lake and nothing man made. Smell the aromas of the wide pine forests, that supplies you with abundant rejuvenating antioxidants at every breath, the endless variety of wild herbs in the forests, the smell of ripe grapes in September and enjoy the vigorating sun of Portugal!

The close lake (500m distance) invites from April to October to swim and cool down. You can drink the crystal clear water just while swimming. There is no house near the lake because it is all nature reserve. The 50km long lake also invites to do rowing, wind surfing or other water sports.

The nearby village (1.5km) Pedrogao Grande offers all necessary infrastructure you need: Post office, 3 banks, supermarkets, weekly market, many restaurants, some good car mechanic shops, indoor swimming pool, 3 hair dressers, 2 good dentists, a small public clinic, different doctors and many more offices and shops. The next bigger cities are Pombal, Leiria and Coimbra.

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