KEM32: Pichorra Rural House

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco



Rural House and Guest room with 2 outbuildings in land with 2 wells and fruit trees

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Property Description

Registered and legally habitable Rural House and Guest room with outbuildings (total 80m2), and a 4,875m2 size quinta.
The Casa and guest room have pre-1951 foundations, and, being registered as a Casa, are legally habitable. The house with 42m2 has a large kitchen/living room, a small bedroom and a bathroom. All rendered and painted inside and out.
There is a large fireplace in the main room and a lot of cupboard space.

An outside water tank has pipes connected to the kitchen sink, bathroom and an outside tap.

Included a 2000 watt solar electricity system, connected to lights in the main room and bedroom, and is easily capable of running power tools. The bathroom is connected to an underground soakaway tank and hence requires no emptying.

Mobile and WiFi receive clear signals.

Adjoining the house there’s a large bread oven and an outbuilding with four smaller rooms, the first two small breeze block rooms with shelves, the third a larger (about 9m2) breeze block room, fully rendered and limed, then a small wood-store.

The quinta is a long rectangle with size of 4,875m2, more or less flat/gently sloping, with the buildings in the highest part.
The first part, about 700m2, includes lots of grapevines, plum, peach, apple, loquat, sweet and sour orange, clementine and lemon and olive trees, a large cement water tank (about 12 cublic metres) and the guest room.

The second part, also about 700m2, includes the house, outside awning, outbuildings, and a lovely “apron” of land which contains more grapevines, and a sweet orange, fig, apple, two pear and two olive trees. It is all securely fenced and includes a large metal entrance gate.

The third part, about 3,500m2, comprises a large field, a 100m2 fenced off enclosure with adjoining 5m2 dog house, and, at the far end of the field, a pond (about 20x5m) which never runs dry even after a long hot summer, and two wells (also perennial). The water is fine for watering and for animals, and you can go to the village springs for drinking water.

There are two adjoining quintas. One is owned by a lovely old lady who comes about once a week to tend her fruit & veg and is a pleasure to talk to. There is a field on one side of the quinta worked only a few weeks a year by a very nice oldish couple, the man speaking excellent English. They are always available for help.

The Quinta is situated in a quiet location about 2 kilometres outside the pretty rural village of Lardosa, about 20 kilometres north of the district capital city of Castelo Branco, which has all the amenities anyone could need, including two vegetarian restaurants and a lovely hilltop castle. It is on a flat plain with the Serra da Gardunha mountains just a few kilometres away, providing lovely views from the quinta. The road to the nearby town of Fundão, in the foothills of the Serra da Estrela mountains, gives spectacular views over the plains below. There is a large reservoir just 3km outside the village where you can swim.

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