DMN38: Boulder Farm

Fundão, Castelo Branco



Fenced land with 7ha. Potential to build a 250m2 brick & mortar home

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Property Description

This beautiful property is unique and has the following to offer.

Land with 7ha, pine forests, eucalyptus trees, olive trees & some other unidentified ones on the property. The pine & eucalyptus can be cut down & turned into building materials or sold. Gorgeous huge tree ferns populate the land too which indicate water underground. The property has passed permission to build a 250m2 brick & mortar home, including a double storey. There is water on the land.

Looking out over the farm, you have a view of Fundao’s huge mountain, but no neighbours or other houses. Your privacy & peace is ensured.

Boulder farm is named ‘Boulder farm’, due to the impressive, glorious hard rock boulders that stand tall & proud in various places on this beautiful land. Some of the boulders stand at least the height of approx 4m, the width is wider, but all are varied in size. They remind me of the ‘Stonehenge’ boulders, a very similar shape and similar size. They could be incorporated into a house, or made into a waterfall, or left alone, they are magnificent, a feature that is not easy to come by. The boulders tend to stand together in a bunch of 3 or 4. We were going to incorporate them into our homes. Cob houses are the perfect way to incorporate these glorious features into your home. Please take note that they are not everywhere, they stand in a few small pockets only.

Apart from the boulders, the land is very interesting in it’s layout, as it’s undulating, making it all the more interesting than mere flat land, allowing one to have complete privacy. A place you can add tipis, yurts, tiny homes, the possibilities are endless.

The entire 7ha is fully fenced & the access road is in good condition.

Fundao is known for the water that comes off its huge mountain. The town all benefit from this pure water, and there is plenty of it.

Our plan was to sink a borehole, even though there is water, and to put up rain catchment tanks, as we’ve always done on our other properties, to ensure we never run out of water.

Almost next door to Boulder Farm, lies the Keela Yoga Farm. Now a very popular place that visitors enjoy, usually it’s jam packed! There is a lady in Fundao village, that takes tourists to Keela Yoga Farm, and she’s more than willing to do the same for Boulder Farm, seeing as these farms lie out in the Wild, they’re not that easy to find, but the town of Fundao is. That’s just one of the beauties of Boulder Farm. Where it is. Nature in it’s wildest, barest most beautiful form. The locals are friendly and warm, with many expats having moved to Fundao as well. Its a stunning area, and the town is really quaint with a supermarket, chemist plus a few other outlets for all of your needs. The large town of Castelo Branco is about 1/2 hour drive, should you feel to go to a larger town.

Fundao is famous for it’s cherries. There are some super cute medieval villages dotted around, that you or your visitors should you opt for a retreat will really enjoy. It’s fascinating to see what the museum has inside! There are many biking trails, plus miles and miles where one can walk without any problems.

Our plan was to build a retreat, as Fundao is becoming more and more popular for retreats. Boulder farm is the perfect size for this, allowing people bicycle rides, long walks, pergola’s and more.

The area is very quiet and there are no neighbours that you can hear or see, which is a huge bonus. The night skies are stupendous!

If you’re looking for a place that you can really put your own stamp on & make your own right from the start, with plenty of space, in the peace & quiet of nature, then I think you’ll love Boulder Farm.

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