DJAM70: Farroco House

Terceira, Azores



Current Status:Under Offer

Two bedroom renovated house, 3 pieces of land with fruit trees

Property Advertised by: Owner

Property Description

Two bedroom house with 84m2, with a garage (annex ) of 40m2. With a parcel of land to East and the North of 2,170m2.

Plus there’s an additional piece of good agricultural land, near the ocean with 440m2 (shown on the last photo) Approx North east of the house , and about 800 meters away, as the crow flies .

An additional piece of land with an area of 1936m2, which is about 1.5kms away, to the West of the house. It has some non-descriptive trees , and could be a source of firewood , but would need terracing , to be used, for any other, productive crops. With the exception of perhaps grapes, grown, using traditional Azorean methods.

The house was originally rebuilt after the earthquake of 1980. It was completely rewired in 1997/8 and incoming water and drain and sewer lines installed. Sewer lines feeding into a septic tank. Also extensive interior modifications were made, to change the electrical distribution from surface mounted, to modern standards.
The roof was replaced in 2003, with modern clay tile.
All floors are tiled (the kitchen with a slip resistant tile). The bathroom walls are completely tiled, and the kitchen walls are partially tiled.
All windows are dark bronze aluminum, the front of the house windows are single glazing, all other windows are double glazed. Also a screen door of dark aluminum, half screen, half door.
The kitchen has two wall units and two base units with drawers and cupboards existing.
The Master bedroom has full wall length wardrobe built to fit, existing. Wood with powder blue laminate frontage to match the floor tile.
The bathroom has an existing natural wood vanity cabinet with a wash sink, a bath and a separate shower , American Standard WC, tank type and a bidet. There are NO plumbing fittings (sanitary fittings) currently installed, additionally all interior doors have been removed and are in storage. There are new sanitary fittings available for installation, which are currently in a separate storage.
The front door is solid wood with a Yale privacy type lock set, and a separate dead bolt lock set.
Any one buying the house would need to install new light fixtures (10) interior, and an exterior light.
The annex is divided into two divisions with separate entry points. The back of the annex pointing north west has two large aluminum dark bronze fixed windows, double glazed.
The house was repainted white color in the interior and exterior in 2014.

House and immediate land has a roadway frontage of about 80m.
The immediate gardens to the east of the house have 3 mature (20 yrs old) black walnut trees, and a chestnut tree (10 yrs old). Additionally there are 2 loquat trees and 1 lemon tree and 1 apricot tree. The front of the house has some sort of plum tree, and a decretive tree , that has some sort of red flower/blossom in the summer.

The asking price is 60,000 euros.

The owner would be prepared to consider Seller Finance, with a 20% deposit, and the remaining amount paid over 60 months, plus interest, 1% above base rate. Terms Negotiable.

Property Location

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