SMAR380: Cob House

Cartaxo, Santarém



11,160m2 quinta, cob/rammed earth house, part of a larger permaculture design.

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Property Description

Small farm with a total plot area of 11,160m2, located in valley of great beauty, near small wood of leafy trees where a little river passes. No buildings in the surrounding areas. It is an idyllic spot for those who want to enjoy the peace and quietness of nature.

The house is a 5 bedroom villa, one floor, with about 280 m2 of floor area, several fruit trees, including an olive grove and various oaks. The farm offers also a well with good and abundant water. There is also an existing piping system installed to supply the house.

This project was conceived by the owners and wanted to be an example of a eco-sustainable farm, following the Permaculture principles. All construction performed was in accordance with sustainable building techniques and environmentally friendly bio materials.

The house has a construction based on the technique of rammed earth, with natural ventilation and large windows in every room. The slab structure is made of beams of wood to avoid electromagnetic meshes produced by rebar. The architecture is circular and oriented according to the feng shui system laws.

All rooms have direct access to the outside. That way, all the inhabitants of the house can enjoy with privacy, a garden space or even a small vegetable garden. In addition to the ground floor there is a basement with direct exit to the outside with about 100 m2, great for installing a workshop and/or a cellar.

The house has a suite with a closet, 4 bedrooms and 2 Wcs. An American kitchen (kitchen, dining and living room in open space), to stimulate sharing and community spirit. All rooms have pre-installation for heating stoves, and there are already 4 installed (living room and 3 bedrooms).

In terms of landscaping and for better use of the entire area, terraces were constructed and several fruit trees planted with a drip irrigation system already in place. There is also an area of an organic garden, designed according to permaculture principles. A system of harvesting rainwater in tanks was put in place, and it can be used to power the system of drip irrigation of installed. The irrigation system is also fed by water from the well and distribution works by gravity. The wastewater is treated and reused through an ecological pit (has several banana trees to dry the water in a faster way).

This space can be used as a greenhouse, where can be made a vegetable garden. There is also a protected area, where there is already a hive of bees with a production of 40 kg of honey per year just taking honey once a year, but it is possible to take it 2 times a year.

The project includes the construction of an natural swimming pool, with a water surface of 150 m2, whose design was developed by an expert team.

The house has the energy performance certificate and obtained a rating of B-, valid until 04.12.2022. Main differentiating building characteristics. Exterior walls in rammed earth with thermal isolation from the exterior Slab structure made of beams of wood to avoid electromagnetic meshes produced by rebar Interiors walls – Ecological paint from Kreidezeit Exterior walls,  Silicate paint from Kreidezeit, extremely durable (20/30 years) and with antifungal properties without fungicides, non-combustibility in case of a house fire and its environmental compatibility. Natural ventilation through the entire house. Acclimatisation made with heating stoves (use of renewal energies, wood from cleaning the property trees). Water heating system – Thermo siphon system producing heat from solar energy operating on the thermo siphon principle. Total surface of 3.8m2 and a 281lt water deposit model THSY 300 2H from TiSUN PVC window frame with a tilt and turn opening system, double glazed windows of 26 mm.

The construction ended in 2012, when the final licence was issued and it was supposed to be the house of the family of the actual owners. There are still some pending works at the house, due to the fact that the owners moved right after the house was finished.

Areas from the architecture project:

Hall (1) 8.10 m2 WC (6) 5.77 m2 Office (12) 17.12 m2

Basement: Hall (2) 6.51 m2 Suite bedroom (8) 19.25 m2 Bedroom (14) 17.86 m2 Storage 61.76 m2 Corridors (3/13) 17.64 m2 WC suite (9) 7.14 m2 Bedroom (15) 15.56 m2 Technical 7.76 m2 Kitchen (7) 21.42 m2 Suite closet (10) 11.27 m2 WC (16) 11.05 m2 Hall 2.69 m2 Living Room (5) 35.37 m2 Bedroom (11) 14.87 m2

Total groundfloor 208.93 m2

Total basement 72.21 m2

The property is located in a rural and isolated area, ideal for a family wishing to establish an eco-sustainable design project. With regard to local services, there are several villages within 5 km and 3 cities within 25 km: Small villages: Assentiz 5 kms Almoster 6 kms Manique do Intendente 8 Kms Marmeleira 8 kms Arrouquelas 8 kms Cities: Cartaxo 12 kms Rio Maior 19 kms Santarem 25 kms Other cities: Lisboa 70 kms

Property Location

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