BLE60: Lagar Velho

Proença-a-Nova, Castelo Branco



Slate stone house for renovation on 0.5 hectare with olive and fruit trees, and a river

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Property Description

2 story slate stone farm complex with good walls, but in need of some renovation in part of the roof, the inside, and some wood beams have to be replaced. Mains electricity is connected.

It’s divided into 2 seperate buildings (each has its own urban article) with access from upper and lower terrace. The main part has an area of 80m2 and has a new tile roof. The other is 30m2 but needs some more renovations and new tiles. There’s also another small roofed space that was for storage and/or animals, and another one with a nice and large bread oven, still functional, connected to the kitchen area.

Around these buildings, there are some terraces with mainly olive trees and other mature fruit trees. There is a part that goes down to a small river that is a bit more wild, with some forest trees, broom, and a few olive trees. In total these terraces sum 5,200m2.

In terms of water, it’s quite self-sufficient, with a well for drinking water that never runs out, access to the river which runs even in the hottest summer, and free water for irrigation from the city council of Proença-a-Nova.

The land is situated in a beautiful valley, in a secluded and peaceful location, yet only 35 minutes drive from the city of Castelo Branco. The house is next to the road (not busy) and on the outskirts of a small schist village where only 2 or 3 couples live at the moment. The main production in this area was olive oil and pine. It was only 30 years ago that electricity came to this small village of hard working farmers. Nowadays, like in most of rural Portugal, most young people left and only few remain.

Close to Alvito da Beira, which has a nice river beach and a market. It’ s also not far from other river beaches, beautiful walking tracks and the historical schist village of Sarzedas.

The price is negotiable.

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