Local Heroes – Purchase Advisors

Local Heroes property services – ‘know before you buy!’

Welcome to the Pure Portugal ‘Local Heroes’ service, a nationwide network of hand-picked local property consultants who visit ‘for sale properties’ on your behalf and check out their development potential at the local Council.

We have all heard horror stories about those buying property overseas and finding out too late that they have bought a basket-full of problems; that the perfect rural barn with an astonishingly beautiful view cannot be made into a dream home due to zoning restrictions, they now own a house but not the land, that someone else owns part of the building, that the property is in a natural park or water resource area, that the building is too close to the boundary to allow rebuilding … the pitfalls are many and at Pure Portugal we are well aware that a life-affirming experience can be ruined.


Local Heroes cover the majority of mainland Portugal and São Jorge in the Açores. Contact us on heroes@pureportugal.co.uk

PROPERTY VISIT REPORT – ‘Know before you buy’ – a property site visit, full report and photos. This saves you time and travel costs, let your Local Hero visit for you and send you an objective report on the property, its location and views.

€85 (+€.36 per kilometre.)

DETAILED TECHNICAL PROPERTY REPORT – ‘What can be done if I buy it?’ – a detailed and invaluable pre-purchase report based on the local Council advice and guidance, including total m2 building allowance, number of floors allowed, building height restrictions, ‘distance to boundary issues, pool and access road possibilities, land zone categories, mining area issues, fire risk constraints etc.

€125 (+ €0.36 per kilometre)

(example of part of the detailed plans involved in producing a Detailed Technical Property Report)

example of Detailed Technical Property Report


Local Heroes are also fonts of local knowledge and are available for:

Desk research – To present a range of suitable local properties
€25.00 per hour

Phone consultation – General advice on moving to Portugal and the benefits of a rural lifestyle, referrals to specialist service providers including rental accommodation, lawyers, architects, lawyers, tax advisors, accountants, building surveyors etc
€25.00 per hour

Pure Portugal’s Local Heroes find out whether a property is registered, whether it is legal, if it can be extended, whether it can be upgraded and used as a home, whether a barn or stables can be built on the land, the list is a long one and for those unfamiliar with the paperwork and zoning requirements, paying a fee to someone to check all of this out is money well spent.

Your Local Hero first can inspect any property in which you are interested. A report is produced detailing location, access, the utilities already available or nearby, neighbouring land and buildings, the dimensions of existing buildings, any available documentation, the type of land surrounding the property and the property’s overall feel and potential based on their local knowledge.

The Local Hero service already has proved invaluable to many Pure Portugal customers who have not been able to travel and spend valuable time visiting properties. A site visit report plus photographs is enough, in most cases, to screen out properties that won’t suit.

Alone, with an estate agent or liaising with a private seller, your Local Heroe builds up a full picture of your shortlisted property and will report facts, not a sales pitch. This independence sets Pure Portugal’s Local Heroes apart from those who are keen only to earn their commission.

Many then ask their Local Hero to check out a particular property with the local Council’s architect who has access to land zoning data and revisions, fire risk maps and knows the Council’s current policy on what it will approve for building and rebuilding projects in its area.


Here we share some recent feedback from a client on how they found working with Local Hero Ema

”Ema was truly fantastic. We had some lingering doubts which were largely due to having to deal with several different parties, and were operating on a very tight deadline (the property was being sold at auction).

Despite the extremely short notice, Ema agreed to meet me on the land the following day, primarily to help me try to determine the boundary. She offered a wealth of knowledge about specific geographic features of the land which I was unfamiliar with and gave me a much deeper appreciation for the property. She also gave specific advice about important aspects of the sale process including some things I had overlooked, which proved to be invaluable.

I can’t emphasise enough how valuable it was to have someone to talk to one-on-one who wasn’t an estate agent or a solicitor, people who are very professional in their field but are ultimately short of time and often not emotionally invested in the outcome. Ema was warm, relaxed and genuinely interested in our situation, I would recommend the service to anyone currently in the process of buying a property that is looking for solid advice or just gentle reassurance.” – Ben

Local Heroes are independent and always act for you, the buyer, protecting your interests and helping you avoid expensive mistakes.

Local Heroes cover the majority of mainland Portugal and São Jorge in the Açores. Contact us on heroes@pureportugal.co.uk