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June’s Story

We thought it would be helpful to have some Q&A’s from real people who have made the move already. Some are newly arrived, others have been here for much longer, meaning you can get a broad range of experiences from people to get a real feel for what it is like to move to Portugal and start living your dream!

Today we meet June Da Silva who moved from South Africa to Portugal in 2006

Have you lived in any other countries before moving to Portugal?
Have not lived in other countries before.  Life here is WAY different to S.A.

What made you decide to move to Portugal from the USA?
My husbands parents asked us for 3 years to move here before we did it.  We came here 2003 for 3 weeks holiday with my in laws (mom in law had suffered a stroke the day before we arrived)  We live with my father in law so no property to purchase.

What is day to day life like now in comparison to your old life?
Day to day life is more calmer and have a choice in what to do.

If you could give one tip to someone still thinking about making the move what would it be?
If there is anything you would like to bring here but not sure you need too, find out if they sell it here first, then you can bring the things you will miss out here with you.

What is the most difficult thing about living in Portugal?
The difficult thing living here is, I still have not grasped the language.

What is the most positive thing about your move so far?
The positive thing about our move is the shops stay open late.

Did you find the insurances and visa process difficult?
The whole process of ALL paper work was fine for us especially me because we been married for so long (33 years in 2006) my side of documents I got fairly quickly.  We also brought our 2 dogs cocker spaniels too, this cost R10,000-00 the quite a mission, took 1 year to get all their paper work done, not such a good idea but we loved them!

If we had just one day in the area you have moved too what would you tell us is a must do/see?
If someone was to come visit in the month of May, I would suggest to come when the Festas das Rosas is on the flowers are just amazing!