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Cabril Mechanics

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We bought our casa via Pure Portugal in late 2009. We looked at about 50 properties in the area but kept coming back to the one we finally bought. It did not look the best on paper / website but you have to see a place to get the right vibe and we fell in love with it.

Once we got our heads around all the paperwork, something the Portuguese must love as there always seems a lot, we started slowly coming back and forth to do jobs on the casa. New roof, floors, rendering, in fact a lot of work to get it to a livable state.

We moved over last year as our son was reaching school age and we wanted to give him a year in pre-school so he could get the language. He picked it up so quickly and is loving school and life here.

Some of our friends asked why we moved here. It’s stunning around here, everywhere you look it’s beautiful. The air quality is great as is the quality of life.

Portuguese seems a hard language at first but I am slowly picking it up and the local council provide free lessons. It is sometimes hard to make a living out here but things are coming in slowly and I think it’s worth it as we are so much happier here than in the rat race of the uk. The people here are genuinely friendly and helpful.

Here is a short summary of what I offer:

Cabril Mechanics and Restoration: Experienced English mechanic based near Pedrogao Grande offering a mobile service for smaller jobs and diagnostics or workshop based for larger jobs. I can do services, brakes, clutches, draft shafts, engine work, head gaskets, timing belts on cars, vans, tractors and light commercials. I also can do welding and electrics.

I can source most parts locally for you and offer a quick and convenient turnaround on jobs minimising time without your vehicle.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions, 50km radius of Pedrógão grande.

Find me on Facebook at: Cabril Mechanics and Restoration

Mobile: 913178849