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Bruce’s Story

How did you find Pure Portugal? Did you know of us before moving?
Initially, we found Pure Portugal through Internet and Facebook searches. We contacted a number of people who had posted homes for sale on the Pure Portugal pages. We visited a few homes and attended a Pure Portugal seminar-forum in Coimbra for new and prospective property owners in Portugal.

What made you decide to move to Portugal from the USA?
Let’s just say that we enjoy living in the world’s third most peaceful country which, according to Forbes magazine, is ranked #1 in terms of welcoming people from other countries.

Have you lived in any other countries before moving to Portugal?
We have owned a vacation home in southern Spain for almost ten years now. In some ways, Spain and Portugal are similar … just as in other ways, the Spanish and Portuguese people are very different. While our primary residence is in Portugal (Lousa-Escalos de Cima, Castelo Branco), we spend two months and a holiday (or two) each year in Spain. We find it quite amazing that 100% cotton goods with labels that say, “Made in Portugal” especially towels, linens, etc cost half the price in Spain than they do here in Portugal!

How long had you been thinking about moving to Portugal before actually making your move?
About a year or two.

If you could give one tip to someone still thinking about making the move what would it be?
Be patient!

What is the most difficult thing about living in Portugal?
Not being able (yet) to participate more fully with the local community … because of our limited proficiency in Portuguese. But we try using the language every day–with our neighbours, at shops, online, etc. Ironically, we have found that many Portuguese speak better English than we do Portuguese (and as soon as we open our mouths trying to (st)utter in Portuguese, they are always more eager to converse with us in English).

What is the most positive thing about your move so far?
It’s another world! We can hear birds chirping and bugs buzzing. The people here are very good-hearted.

Did you find the insurances and visa process difficult?
Not at all.  Although, at times it was convoluted … as some (official) communications appeared to contradict others! We are very fortunate to have an excellent attorney, accountant, insurance representative, and banker, all who speak English (more or less). They have been quite helpful and accommodating in helping us learn how things are done here.

If we had just one day in the area you have moved too what would you tell us is a must do/see?
Get off your Quinta (or out of your village) and take a day to see something really special here in Portugal. You have so much to choose from!