Yurt Decks & Restoration

Offering building and restoration works on Yurt’s & Tipi’s, whether imported or not, for all wood work and covers.

This also includes making platforms-decks, both movable and fixed ones.

As part of his service Daniel listens to the land and inspires people by offering possibilities for their home and land.





Is your Yurt having a “Bad Hair day”?

Portuguese sun is furious and silently destroying outer covers and canvas of Yurts. While the rainproof covers are very expensive in materials and work, it is our experience to cover that layer with an outer cover that serves in a triple way; keeping all together nicely covered, decorative and in a colour pallet to liking and most certainly protection for UV rays and dust/dirt! The material used for these covers is a well tested material by plenty of Yurt builders and can last up to 5-7 years. In Mongolia, this outer layer is seen as the Robe of the Yurt. And as with changing clothes on humans, they need changing to once in a while. Besides this, we keep making rainproof canvas for Yurts, fit to size, with 12OZ Regentex material that has proven its worth for many a tents till now.


Contact: Daniel with project/situation on email: Tuvaman@gmail.com or Tel: 932925790

Additional services also cover:

  • Location placement for Yurts and Tipis
  • Location placement for eco-homes and other construction
  • Placing of natural ponds and waterways to work with rainwater and river/spring waters to revitalise the land
  • Planting a food forest and managing existing forests
  • Gardens
  • Implementation of permaculture respectful and earth knowledge principles for any project

Earth Whisperer; Knowledge and insight in Geo Biology. Daniel has 14 years experience living in a handmade Yurts, and a life time living close to Nature working with Shamanism, Geo Biology and Permaculture-Natural Farming principles. He knows Earth opens up like a book and shows its creative energies. Daniel has learned to read this book and to see the possibilities to create every piece of land back into a garden of Eden. Every piece of land is a unique expression of the beauty of the Earth.

“I work with people who want to go beyond standards. ” Daniel



Email: Tuvaman@gmail.com

Phone: 932925790