Wood Fired Eco Hot Tubs

The perfect eco “Off-Grid” solution. Our wood fired hot tubs are not only wonderful in cold months but in warm areas like Portugal double up as a cold dip pool in summer! Handmade in Scandanavia we are proud to be sole suppliers in Portugal for these gorgeous Naked Tubs hot tubs. Handcrafted in a range of sizes and choices of wood our premium quality means they are the choice in areas with severe winters and hot summers, serving you for many years remaining trouble free and beautiful.  Our tubs get up to heat in under 2 hours, and our 2 person Luvtub gets up to heat in an hour! Making them a perfect addition to your own garden or to make your retreat or glamping site that extra bit special.

Prices start from 2722euros including VAT for our luvtub including a matching lid, steps, seats, drinks holder, paddle, heater, flue kit, flue protector and tool kit…And if you contact us through this email address we will also send you an exclusive voucher for a 10%!


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Email: mytipi@rocketmail.com

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