Transição Simples

Transição Simples designs and sells all kinds of solar electric components and complete systems.

– Off-grid solar (our speciality)
– On-grid solar
– Solar water pumps
– Components, like solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, batteries, and all the cables / acessories.

We work nationwide, so contact us for free quotes, anytime!

If you are looking for components, you can check our online shop “SolarShop”, tell us what you need, and we happily do discounts for green projects / green-living.


Testimonials from the Pure Portugal community: 

“Very helpful, very professional, very kind and very good English!”  Lynn, A Vida Fausto

“Highly recommend Pedro – he is deeply committed to sustainability so goes the extra mile to help you find the right system for your project, and he speaks english, which is great.” Wendy Veena Freeman

“Very professional and excellent service!” Manu Vaillant



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Phone: 918 271 286

Address: Transição Simples
Armazém B
Rua Principal S/N (trás da capela) EN348
3240-408 Junqueira

Area: Nationwide