What is Thai yoga massage?
The origins of Thai massage come from Indian and Buddhist traditions, including Ayurveda and yoga science of the mind and body connection. It receives its name as Thai massage because it is in Thailand where the practice has mainly been preserved.

Traditionally, massages are done fully clothed and on a mat on the ground. The therapist works through static and dynamic movements (some similar to yoga postures) with a focus on working energy pathways throughout the body to release blocks and stagnation.


Thai massage brings many physical benefits and helps relieve multiple pathologies, while also renewing mental, emotional and energetic balance.

Thus, Thai massage treatments are therapeutic as well as healing. As we encourage a deep state of relaxation, the body is more open to receive deep pressure and movement from the therapist. With the presence of compassionate touch and non-judgment, the aim is to create a sacred space for the client and to encourage their own body wisdom in it’s self-healing process. The body is full of cosmic wisdom, more than our rational minds will ever comprehend.

The present needs and state of the client are taken into consideration to give a particular massage tailored to the present moment, and thus each massage has a tendency to look quite different from the last. Indeed, the massage turns into a sacred dance while both the therapist and the client each act as a giver and a receiver.

Physical benefits:

  • Removes toxins from accumulated areas
  • Encourages free flow of blood and regulate blood pressure
  • Improves posture and corrects body-misalignments
  • Helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness
  • Tones internal organs
  • Provides deep rest for the body
  • Increases or rebalances energy


Mental and psychological benefits:

  • Helps relieve stress and aid relaxation
  • Fosters peace of mind
  • Promotes a relaxed state of mental alertness
  • Clears the mind and aids in mental clarity
  • Develops self-awareness of the mind and body connection
  • Helps for insomnia and reducing fatigue


Emotional benefits:

  • Fosters a feeling of well-being
  • Satisfies needs for caring nurturing touch
  • Possible “letting go” or release of stuck emotions
  • Reminds the body / mind of feelings of deep connection



“Erica’s treatment helped me a lot. Her talent is remarkable… She is able to read the body very accurately. It never hurt and I immediately felt tremendous relief and my pain was gone for a few hours/days.”
– Ascan Roosen, Germany

“It was amazing! Very relaxing, Erica is very sweet and she works with love.”
– Susana Micaelo, Portugal

“Erica’s gifted at Thai massage. I felt great after, a little sore, but good, like I’d done a strong [yoga] practice.”
– John Hanrahan, Ireland

How to prepare for a treatment

Treatments are ideally 1.5 – 2 hours in length. Even if you are only having a shorter massage, be aware to give yourself time and space for yourself to come and leave your treatment in a relaxed manner. Come wearing loose, comfortable clothes (as clothes remain on during the massage) and an extra light layer and pair of socks to keep warm. Also, it is useful to refrain from eating a large or heavy meal within a couple hours of your session.

Also available… Thai Abdominal Massage

Our belly is the storehouse of our old traumas, ancient and subdued memories, and our most vulnerable emotions. The area is soft and protecting, requiring calm, slow and deep work that touches a very sensitive and often ignored part of our selves. Abdominal massage is done while lying on the floor on your back, propped up with cushions and blankets to stay warm and cozy. Oil is used on the belly, along with compassionate, yet effective work. Belly massage can also aid in digestion issues, emotional release and stimulate the organs. **60 minutes is mostly a feet, belly and head massage. 90 minutes includes a longer opening and relaxing of the body first**

Exchange value

60 min / 90 min / 120 min
50€ / 70€ / 90€


Erica Bhavani
Erica has been practicing yoga, spirituality and healing modalities for over 10 years. Having explored other forms of bodywork already, she found a real connection and faith upon discovering Thai Yoga Massage, and hasn’t looked back since. This work transformed her through its elements of creativity and playfulness, rooted in a spiritual practice that helps the healing of others as well as ourselves.



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