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“It’s never easy when you are a foreigner and you want to build a house that is not in your home country as you do not know the country rules and regulations. For anybody who requires an Architect and landscape professional, who can speak your language, Carla and Susana have done a marvellous job in designing my retirement house in Portugal. They have listened to what I required and have thoroughly supplied all the drawings for the requirements of the local Camara.

These two ladies I cannot praise enough as they have guided me through what would have been an impossible task. The first meetings were by emails then an actual meeting on site where time was no problem. Followed by a meeting at the local Camara, where the drawings are reviewed. And the most important thing of all, is they are very reasonably priced as architects go, so really I cannot recommend them enough.

As a team of Architects I would give them a Five Star rating and myself being a retired builder know how difficult these things can be, even when you are dealing with professional people in your own country.”

Barry Hobbs , Retired builder from the UK

“I contacted RAMO on the recommendation of a building contractor, as I needed a good local practice to undertake work on a project for a new house. One of the team, Susana, is a good English speaker which was vital to make proper progress and informed decisions.

Although we lost that particular building plot, Susana and Carla have been helpful in researching other potential plots for us, giving us the information we need to avoid future issues regarding whether it is possible to build or restore, how much can be built or added and what other restrictions and pitfalls there may be.

We have met only once, but they are delightful, professional and good company.There are many estate agents and sellers in Portugal that sometimes “mislead” the uninformed; the back up of RAMO is comforting and reassuring.”

Nigel Leavers, Retired architect from the UK




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