Quinta Das Abelhas

Quinta Das Abelhas is the home of our rewilding project. Set in the mountains of Central Portugal, it is dedicated as a sanctuary to the honey bee. We are working to rewild ourselves, the bees and nature for the future protection of our home, Planet Earth.

Each swarming season we will grow the number of hives, with a particular emphasis on wild bees and log hives in the trees, creating a safe haven for them to thrive. We will support them with an abundant food source through bee planting, reforestation and soil health & water retention strategies.

?We wish our adventure to ripple out to others through sharing what we have learnt, inviting thought leaders to the land and exploring creative ways to bring awareness of the need to rewild our planet.

Website: Quinta Das Abelhas

Email: hello@deborahrichmond.co.uk

Facebook: Quinta Das Abelhas facebook page

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RewildOurPlanet

Phone: 315 937 472 573