Psychotherapy in English & Portuguese 

Living abroad has its challenges, and sometimes talking to a therapist can help. Jennifer Patterson and Pedro Oliveira provide psychotherapy in English to expats, digital nomads, third culture kids as well as couples and families. A Portuguese native, Pedro also offers therapy in Portuguese. Their offices are located in central Lisbon.


Jennifer Patterson, MA, LMFT, ATR-BC

Talking to a counsellor can be like having your own personal emotional tour guide. It’s the job of the therapist to help point out the stuff you might not see as you wander along. Counselling can be a really helpful tool for those times when we aren’t sure what we need to change, and how to go about creating that change for ourselves.

Mental health issues/challenges/concerns are a part of life, a part of being a person. How we take care of our mental health is no different than taking care of our physical health. If we can learn to embrace our complexity, then maybe we can take better care of ourselves and others.

Jennifer Patterson is an American trained psychotherapist and art therapist.She holds an individual and family therapist license (LMFT/State of Washington) and is a board-certified art therapist (ATR-BC). Jennifer has extensive clinical experience in the US working with adolescents, adults, and families.

She is currently working with English speakers in her office in the central Lisbon (Rato) and online. Jennifer specialises in working with people dealing with family of origin concerns, anxiety, life changes and past experiences of trauma.


Pedro Oliveira, MSc, PhD

Psychotherapy works best when it is a mixture of empathy, technique and cultural sensibility. The priority of counselling is to help you get where you need. Combining different modes and techniques, always in collaboration with the client, creates a customised therapy experience. Therapy is about teaming up. As a team, we will work to transform obstacles and to find new ways of thinking, feeling and relating to yourself and others.

Pedro Oliveira is a Clinical Psychologist (Coimbra University, nº 9440, Portuguese Order of Psychologists), with an MSc in Child Development and a PhD in the Human Sciences, both completed at Brunel University, London. He has extensive experience working both in Portugal and the UK. Pedro works with individuals, couples and families, with an emphasis on work with adolescents and adults. He offers psychotherapy in both English and Portuguese in central Lisbon (Saldanha) and online.


Contact Jennifer:
Phone/WhatsApp: +351 939 159 761

Contact Pedro:
Phone/WhatsApp: +351 968 098 108


Phone: Jennifer +351 939 159 761 and Pedro +351 968 098 108