Language Residencies

Language Residencies on a beautiful riverside Quinta.

Immerse yourself in a Portuguese speaking residency courses! Alongside formal lessons, activities will include working together on the quinta, cooking together, swimming in the river, and some local sightseeing – all designed to give you the most useful everyday vocabulary whether you are moving to or already living in Portugal!

“So liberating, focus on listening and speaking rather than getting it perfectly right to allow you to relax with the language, most important focus was to try to communicate!!” Margarita Harbron

During the Portuguese Language Residency we use a teaching methodology that allows students to hear and speak throughout the entire day. This is a very effective way to improve the learning-teaching process.

The student starts speaking Portuguese from the first minute, using the Portuguese language as the main means of communication and applying it during the majority of the residency.

The student shouldn’t be worried about not understanding the full conversation initially because the learning process is designed to flow the way you learned your mother tongue, naturally and gradually.

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