Evelyn (Eve) Einhaeuser. Eve converges and bridges ancient traditional Yogic understanding with modern ascension mechanics and experience. She is a certified Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist, mentor and teacher trainer in the Viniyoga tradition of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. She was extensively trained by Kausthub Desikachar and before coming to Portugal she has lived in India where she has worked as a yoga therapist in the KHYF yoga therapy clinic ( She has worked with people of all ages and has assisted a variety of physical, emotional as well as psychological diseases (from anxiety disorders over burn out to arthritis and back pain, etc) and has supported people in gaining back their health.



She connects her Yogic knowledge with modern ascension mechanics and understanding, helping the awakening and ascending community to become aware of obsolete programming and negative mind structures as well as supporting frequencies of unity consciousness and New Earth. She is helping all those who are awakening to understand what’s happening in their bodies and with their energetics as well as offering support, knowledge and tools that can help activate higher frequencies and delete unwanted programming.

Eve is also part of a collective group of healers in Ericeira, the Ericeira Healing Collective,



One-to- One Yoga Sessions. Eve’s Yoga sessions are more about assisting your life and your spiritual path and your ascension journey than about certain asanas (physical postures). She uses the whole gamut of Yoga’s tools to find an adequate practice for you. This might contain postures, but also breath work, meditation, visualisation, placements of hands, energetic locks, and chanting/mantras. She teaches you an individualised practice that can later also be practiced at home. Her sessions help provide a safe space in which you can raise your frequency, delete programs, and find back to you. Eve holds an incredibly safe space for people to be and feel themselves. Sessions can take place either inside or outside in nature. Also available over SKYPE.
Cost of Session: 60 minutes/77 Euros


Vedic Chanting
The Vedas are the sacred texts of India, perceived by the Rishis (the ancient seers) in states of deep meditation. They contain very specific mantras and chants that have a powerful impact on your own energy body. Vedic chants were kept secret for generations and were only allowed to be chanted by the priest sect of India for centuries. Only in the last 50 or 60 years have these powerful chants been made accessible to the public. Chanting can be used for healing, for building strength, for centering, for calming, but also to clear yourself or your house and environment from negative spiritual influences. Sessions can take place inside or outside in nature. Also available over SKYPE.
Cost of session: 60 minutes/55 Euros


Yoga Therapy. In Yoga therapy, Yoga’s tools are used to assist unlocking, clearing and releasing any form of mental, physical, emotional or psychological blockages or dis-eases. Yoga therapy is a holistic practice that works on several layers at the same time. It is a deeply empowering practice and works with the self healing capacities of your own being. Yoga therapy is a process that sometimes takes several sessions. It is deeply reconnecting and also helps you to understand and read the language and symptoms of your own body. In a Yoga therapy session you get an individualised practice which you can later practice at home every day to assist your healing journey.
Sessions can take place either inside or outside in nature. Also available over SKYPE.
Costs of session: First two sessions 100 Euros together (evaluation and personalised practice) follow up sessions 50 minutes/ 88 Euros



Personal Retreats
If you would like to come to Ericeira, Portugal, and long for having the space to recenter and re-orientate your life as well as progress on your ascension journey, you are welcome to come for a personalised retreat. Eve will customise the different formats that she offers so that is serves you for where you are at in your life and what you best need in alignment with your soul. Instead of participating in a group retreat where there is little space for an individual, she will create your own personalised retreat that acknowledges and builds around your own specific needs.











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