Mould, Damp, Condensation?

StopmouldPT provides an air ventilation solution for you with the Drimaster PIV unit (positive input ventilation).
Easily installed, attractive price and less then 2 cents a day to run.


The small compact Drimaster unit filters air from the loft or outside then ventilates the entire house or workplace. It works for up to a 5 bedroom house or building of  200 M2.



The average family produces up to 10 litres of water per day, creating excess moisture and humidity that leads to damp, mould and condensation. This encourages mould spores and dust mites that you can feel at times but not see. They also trigger allergy symptoms such as asthma, eye irritation and sneezing,

The Drimaster ensures that mould, damp and harmful pollutants are eradicated to leave with you a fresh, clean and healthy environment.

Check out our website for our introductory offer and to see more details on the benefits of the Drimaster. 

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