Mortgage Direct

We are an established mortgage company in Spain and past year also entered into the Portuguese mortgage market.

We are very succesful in Spain, where we advise on several 100s of mortgages per year and have had 0 default in the decade that we have been in business. We have established already good conditions with Portuguese banks and can offer a mortgage starting at 1.55% rate. Our image and our service level, have helped us grow our business and also made it easy to start offering mortgages in Portugal.

We specialize in foreign lending and work with those banks that offer the most appealing conditions for non residents.

The main advantage that we offer is that we analyze a client’s profile for free and indicate within 24hrs after receiving the client’s information if they qualify for a mortgage. We then send an offer and if that is interesting, only then do we charge the client a fee. This also comes with a money-back-guarantee -if we can’t offer the mortgage via any of the banks we work with, we refund our administration fee. Our fees are low compared to others and because we get preferential deals for our clients, they save money in total as the monthly payments on the mortgages are lower.

We guide the client step-by-step during their mortgage application, provide multi-lingual service and we can organize the whole process, without the client needing to travel to Portugal. As we also work with multiple lenders, who specialize in foreign lending, we can offer atractive conditions for non-residents and get offers from multiple banks for the clients.

RURAL PROPERTIES: some banks do grant mortgages for rural homes and we have identified those banks that offer most favourable conditions.

Website: Mortgage Direct