Mortgage Direct

Mortgage Direct has been successfully operating since 2006. Our reputation and high level of customer service helped us grow our business and we have now established good relationships with the Portuguese banks that offer the most appealing conditions for non-residents. We work with multiple lenders and are fully independent, so we get the best possible deal. Read our step by step journey guide to getting a mortgage. 

Our main advantage is that we analyse an applicant’s financial profile without charge or obligation and advise within 24 hours if they qualify for a mortgage. Only if the client is interested in the mortgage offer do we charge a fee and this fee comes with a money back guarantee: if we can’t secure the mortgage via any of the banks we work with, it is fully refunded. Our fees are low compared to others and because we get preferential deals for our clients, in the long run you save money due to the lower monthly payments.

We guide you step-by-step during the mortgage application, provide multi-lingual service from UK-qualified advisers and we can organise the whole process, without you needing to travel to Portugal.
Rural properties: some banks do grant mortgages for rural homes and we have identified those banks that offer most favourable conditions.