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Welcome to Sharing Your Gifts. Lisa is an intuitive guide, healer and facilitator and brings a unique combination of new and ancient creative experiential tools with the intention of learning and growing. If you want to change the world first you have to change yourself. Lisa offers 1 to 1 sessions, readings  and retreats.

Healing sessions 

We will discuss where you are at this moment in time and the challenges you are facing and work intuitively using a mix of practices to guide you and facilitate your inner transformation. Lisa will share and initiate you with the insights of your personal state of being and there will be questions to go deeper to find the source of the challenges you are being faced with. Each session is unique as is each individual and their situation. We will work together through this expansion process back to wholeness with love and compassion.

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By video Skype or zoom meeting. Each sharing session is unique for each individual. This deeper healing transformation session will assist you to explore and use your inner guidance system to allow new opportunities with new perceptions to arise so you can receive greater clarity and empowerment with focus on your life path and intentions. You will receive an Intuitive reading with guidance and support to see where you are in your transformation process.

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These retreats are for those who want to meet others in a creative space and co-create together we will use connecting community tools both new and ancient that support our relationship with each other and our environment and co-create with love, happiness, joy, dancing, music, art and laughter together.

When we delve deep and listen to the land and each other and our own creative source on a journey of discovery and transformation in the beautiful peaceful surroundings of Mother Nature. Retreats are held  in Portugal , The Azores, Bali, Costa Rica and Brazil.

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About Lisa 

An intuitive councillor with the ability to transform deep trauma and so called ‘mental health’ issues in hospitals, institutions, colleges and at the holistic community creative arts school. She shares her gifts as an oracle, healer, visionary artist, guide and practitioner.

If you are called to move forward, commit, grow and embrace your gifts these sessions and retreats may be for you whether you are experiencing an easier or more challenging time.

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