Adriana Bonfiglioli, Property Lawyer

Adriana Bonfiglioli is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, living many years in Sydney, Australia and now currently residing in Tabua, Portugal and an active member of the Portuguese Lawyer Association.

Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, she is ready to assist in any legal matter and support in the paperwork transition.






Work covered: 

  • Property purchase
  • Public deed
  • Search for ownership titles on properties
  • Negotiate real estate operations
  • Habitation license
  • Fiscal number
  • Language translation
  • Driver’s license transfer



“We recently purchased a property in Portugal through the lovely Pure Portugal people and were lucky enough to be recommended Adriana as our lawyer. It’s virtually impossible to get to your mid 50’s without having to get legal assistance at some point and we can honestly say Adriana is the best lawyer we have ever worked with. She is fluent in Portuguese and English so communication was very straight forward and she kept us regularly updated (sometimes on a daily basis). We purchased a village with 3 hectares of land with many separate deeds and inevitably it became a very complicated process at times. Adriana was on the case from the beginning, she left no stone unturned on the legal side of things and managed to bring together 3 sellers and us the purchasers on the same day, in the same town, at the same time! She wouldn’t let anything go through until it had been double checked by the relevant authority and was all a 100% above board. Amazingly Adriana facilitated the purchase start to finish within 10 weeks. We could never have done it without her and are grateful that her fees were very reasonable (in fact she saved us a lot of money!) We are thrilled that Adriana is going to continue to help with the legal side of our restoration project, especially because she’s lovely, with loads of energy and a great sense of humour. We would thoroughly recommend Adriana”.

Steve and Sarah McGuinness, Purchase of Quinta da Chumbaria. July 2019 

Areas include, but not limited to: Arganil, Coimbra, Carregal do Sal, Coja, Gois, Gouveia, Nelas, Oliveira do Hospital, Pedrogao Grande, Seia, Santa Comba Dao, Tabua, Viseu.


Phone: (351) 914 715 190