Ines Caldeira

Originally from Porto, I spent several years living and working in England. The experience of living in different locations and cultures increased my desire to return to Portugal and connect with nature. I needed to realise my ambitions, and in 2013 I moved to Central Portugal. I believe this was the best decision for me. Central Portugal has much to offer. Since the global lockdown and the challenges it presented to travel and movement, I have witnessed people from all over the world overcome these obstacles and move to Portugal.

The rugged and breathtakingly beautiful central regions, are proving to be a place where the adventurous can pursue a stress free lifestyle, and with all the requirements necessary to live their best lives, at very affordable prices. Central Portugal and its low density population, is the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle, where there is land and property for development, suitable for all budgets.

I will be there to guide you through the purchase process, with the aim of preventing unnecessary stress and extra costs.

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish.
All areas: Districts of Coimbra and Viseu


Detailed technical reporting: Know before investing! Find out more about habitational licenses and development possibilities according to the official entities. I will supply a detailed report on the property, its surroundings, points of interests and history.

Media and Marketing (including drone video capture)
Would you like to promote your property or business? Enquire for more details.

Purchase process
You do not have to be in Portugal to purchase the property of your dreams. I will support you through the purchase process from beginning to end, saving you time and unnecessary costs in connection with trusted lawyers.

Building & Property Management
I’m happy to advise and refer you to local specialists in their field of expertise. I pass on to you the prices and discounts offered to me.

  • Architects
  • Building professionals
  • Licensed and referenced builders, carpenters, welders, stone masons
  • Land Management
  • Land clearing, gardening, permaculture professionals, bore holes
  • Energy certificates
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Solar, hydro, heating solutions, pumps, insulation, double glazed windows
  • Building materials Metal, wood, stone
  • Swimming pools and filtrations systems
  • Gates and Fencing
  • House sitting
  • Cleaners


Life Management Services
I offer a wide range of services to assist you:

  • Translation and Interpreter – Official and certified translations, Interpreter at hospitals or other situations where required
  • Applying for NIF (fiscal number), required for all transactions
  • Opening a bank account
  • Will writing service
  • Insurance – Protect your property against fire damage, Vehicles, health
  • Car matriculation and Inspection (MOT)
  • Accountant
  • School registration
  • Childminding
  • Transportation – Possessions, pets
  • Procurement / Shopping – Transportation, personal shopper, remote shopping


Please contact me at the following email address:

References, contacts available upon request: 

“To be honest, Ines has been a godsend to our Portugal property adventure so far. She has been worth her weight in gold! Having seen Ines’ profile on Pure Portugal, I thought we could definitely use her skill set. We are based in the UK and recently bought a beautiful mountain property in Sao Pedro do Sul, Viseu. Ines was speedy in replying to my initial email and, after a couple of WhatsApp messages, we set up a video call. Ines was friendly, professional and charming and we ‘clicked’ from the very start. She is extremely knowledgeable, has great experience and a calm demeanour that put our minds at ease straight away.
Ines was extremely proactive in contacting a number of road construction companies, arranged meetings with company representatives, accompanied us to those meetings and obtained quotes for the planned works. This made life for us so much easier as all the ‘leg work’ had been done for us. Ines has also arranged and accompanied us to meetings with us and the head architect at the local municipal council (Camara) to discuss building plans, land usage, potential tourism projects etc. On our most recent visit to Portugal, Ines visited the property with us to discuss and take notes on possible land clearing/maintenance. She then contacted and arranged for a local land clearing crew (Sapadores) to carry out the work, showing them where and what to clear and took photos and videos of the process on a daily basis to keep us up to date.
We can honestly say that our property dreams are progressing so much faster since Ines has ‘been on the case’. Ines does a huge amount of the behind the scenes work that we would find very difficult and time-consuming from abroad. I repeat she is WORTH HER WEIGHT IN GOLD! Thanks Ines!”  Gareth, Barbara and little Leila

Ines is our hero! Trying to purchase a property in Portugal when the entire world is in lockdown is a difficult and daunting task. However, determined not to keep our lives on hold for any longer, my wife and I took the initiative to contact the Pure Portugal local advisor service. We were put in touch with Ines Caldeira and arranged if she could visit the property we were interested in on our behalf. As we couldn’t visit ourselves easily, we just needed to have a few questions answered, get some photographs taken and get a real person’s feel for the property, which would enable us to make some more informed decisions. Ines is super organised, always available to answer questions and took on board our needs and questions prior to her visiting the property. Within a few days or her visit, she had sent us a report, including a new and fresh set of photographs and walk-through videos. They were great quality and really gave us a sense of being there – or as close as we could get! Ines took the time to talk to the local neighbours (both English and Portuguese) to help us understand the utility service availability in the village. Plus, she made a formal enquiry to the local Camara Office for us too, so that we can be sure that we will be allowed to use the property in the way we need to should we progress. She really was very thorough. Following Ines’ first visit, and having answered our initial questions, we instructed her to organise a second trip, this time to meet a building company on site for us. Again, Ines was brilliant! We now have a detailed set of quotes for building works, based on questions we had from her first visit.
We now have a very full understanding of the property we wish to purchase, and know now, as we suspected, that it ticks all our boxes.. Thank you Ines. You have been a shining light and a true hero. Big glass of Vinho Verde for you :)”  Gary and Julie Maddock-Greene, Linescape Photography

“Ines is a delight to work with. She is engaging and charming. We found Ines while looking for property in the area surrounding Tabua. The seller of the property did not speak English and as you would guess, we didn’t speak Portuguese! Enter Ines. She was able to accurately translate the complications of the property information.
It was refreshing to find someone so knowledgeable and keen to help without being pushy. Since then, she has helped us with health, vets, builders, finance and planning issues, to name but a few. Reliable, punctual and always greets you with a smile, Ines has made our transition to living full time in Portugal much easier than we could have imagined.” Paul Wood

Ines local hero


“For the past several months, Inês Caldeira has been instrumental in conducting due diligence on several plots of land I am interested in. Thus far, her research entailed visiting sites, taking pictures and short video clips, speaking to neighbours, dropping in at the local Câmara to obtain pertinent details from the Council Architect, assessing signal strength of mobile phone providers, to name but a few examples. Her reporting is comprehensive, yet easy to digest given the complexity of local zoning and building laws.

The other month, Inês’ research brought alight that a plot I was interested in was about to be reclassified by the local authorities, preventing construction of a house in the future. Had it not been for her diligence, I would possibly be stuck with a terrain which could be used for agricultural purposes only. What sets Inês apart is her upbeat and cheerful nature, her timely and detail-oriented property surveys, her candour, as well as her crisp follow up to supplementary questions. Along the way, one also has opportunity to learn about Portuguese cuisine and culture. Lastly, her charming Bernese Mountain dog, who accompanies Inês on field trips, occasionally makes a cameo appearance in photos and video clips.”  Walter Hess

“My name is Moranika, me and my husband Reik are searching for our new home here in Portugal and during our process we learned how little we know about how to buy a house, we realised we need help and since it Is such a big step in our life, we thought it would be worth it to be safe and educated. That is how we met Ines that offered exactly what we needed, support and knowledge about all what involves the process of buying a house or a land. Her services were fair priced and professionally delivered, with patient and kindness and of course competence to fulfil the purpose we gathered for. We are wiser now with the tools we received to approach any house or land in our future. Thank you, Ines. We wish you all the best, in your journey of helping others in their most vulnerable and precious moment in life. Thank you and a big hug.”  Moranika,Reik and Diamond

“We have been working with Ines Caldeira and we wanted to share a reference/review of her services. We found Ines through Pure Portugal and we are so glad we did! Before we started working with Ines my wife and I were visiting properties in Portugal, trying to communicate with our poor Portuguese and trying to understand some of the more complex and esoteric Portuguese property laws. It wasn’t easy to say the least! As soon as we had Ines on board she helped inform us of the whole process of finding and purchasing land and properties. She walked us through the potential pitfalls at every step of the process and what we could do to reduce the risk of falling into them. She helped us with all our communications with the seller to get the best possible deal and pre and post sale. She was always very clear on her prices and over-delivered in every instance. At all times she gave us a sense of security and we trust her completely. I really don’t know if we could have achieved our goals without her help. I would recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with the various services she offers – I know we are involving her in our ongoing projects for the foreseeable future!”Thanks to you too for sharing her details!” Oli

“We are two Belgians looking for our little paradise in Portugal. We are so happy that Inês crossed our path. She has already helped us enormously with all kinds of things. A few months ago we fell in love with a quinta and asked Inês to help us with the whole process. She arranged a visit and filmed the entire land. She also talked to the council to see what we could do with our plans. Inês was always there for us, she gave us the right advice and gave us a very clear and professional view of what to expect. She kept our both feet on the ground, which was sometimes necessary 🙂 We could always reach Inês and she also stood by us emotionally. Inês is a jack of all trades. We had a very good vibe and even though we didn’t buy the land in the end, we stay in touch with Inês and hope to use her again soon to help us. It is very nice to be able to trust someone on the spot, Inês is our eyes and tries to really feel the location she is visiting in our place, this is a huge added value for us as we are still in Belgium and cannot travel back and forth all the time. Inês speaks from the heart and has a good portion of life experience which is very useful in what she does every day and that is helping people enormously with finding and buying their paradise and also everything that comes with it! We have already been very grateful to Inês and we will continue to work with her. Much love and appreciation!” Natasja and Thomas

“Ines was very helpful and efficient throughout the purchase, taking time at each point to help me understand everything. From discussing possibilities with the architect at the Camara to negotiating with the sellers, everything was taken care of in a professional way. I couldn’t of managed this without her and greatly appreciated her help. Thanks!” James

“Ines was helping me on the search for land in Portugal. I was looking for a property to start an off-grid project. Coming from the UK it was important I had local advice and someone who can help me when it came to communications. We visited a property together and she guided me through the entire process. From setting up NIF number through to negotiating on the sale. Ines has good experience of living off the land which was a bonus for me with the type of project I wanted to do. It would have been so much harder without her. I couldn’t recommend Ines enough if you are looking to set up a new lifestyle in Portugal.”  Mark Slaughter