I Trust in Birth – Birth and Postnatal Doula Services

What We Offer

We are two doulas working co-operatively to support women and their families through the journey of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

We offer birth and postnatal doula support as well as birth preparation courses.





Through your pregnancy, we support you as you develop trust in your body, your intuition, instincts and your baby. We can guide you towards sources of information on the different topics related to pregnancy, birth and parenting. This will help you feel confident in your understanding of the different perspectives and facets of your experience.

We offer 2-3 antenatal sessions in which we will get to know each other. We will explore both the practical and more emotional and spiritual elements of preparing for birth. As part of these meetings we will dedicate some time to practising pain management techniques such as hypnobirthing. And focus on learning the basics for a successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby. The fear of birth can run deep. We can work together to confront your fears and concerns through creative writing, art and visualisation techniques.

Our deeply-held belief is that your body is designed to give birth. Our role is to create a safe and supportive environment in which your body and hormones can do what they’re designed to do, without disturbances. We want to allow your labour and birth to unfold in its own way and time. We are there to advocate your preferences and provide support for your partner so that you can focus on the birthing process. If you reach a block during labour and feel you want some more support to get through it we can offer some techniques that may help.

We also provide one session after the birth where there is space to talk about your experience and receive support for breastfeeding and newborn care. As an additional service we can offer ‘Closing the Bones’ to support your recovery. If you need more assistance in this period of transition, we are available as postnatal doulas. For more information, visit our website.


Holistic Childbirth Preparation Courses: Dive deep, trust yourself.

Our birth preparation courses take you on an experiential journey into birth and parenthood. As well as exploring the physiology of birth, relaxation and pain relieving techniques, we offer you the opportunity to delve into your emotions and unconscious beliefs around this transitional period of your life. We use a combination of art, visualisation, meditation, yoga, hypnobirthing and ancient symbolism.

We offer these courses to individuals, couples or groups in the Coimbra and Viseu area. We also offer individual consultations online.

About Roshnii and Supriya

We are two close friends who share a passion for working with women stepping over the sacred threshold of motherhood. As a result of our own diverse experiences of birth and early motherhood we hold a deep trust that every woman knows how to birth her baby. With the right support and environment she can birth in the way she chooses and surrender to the mystical journey of becoming a mother.

We both trained with renowned birth specialist, Michel Odent and between us have training in pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing and breastfeeding support. Find out more: About us