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Photographer Producer Portugal Human Nature was founded 3 years ago rooted in the wish to reconnect humans with (their true) nature. Our main goal is to create videos that speak to the soul, that reminds us of the essence of our humanity and the preciousness of our surrounding nature.

Today our videos focus on how to uncover and express the intention of people behind their art, projects or businesses. Everybody has a well defined purpose behind their actions, whether that action is to write music, to run a permaculture project or an eco-tourism; there is something driving you and a message you wish to spread by doing so.

We love to hear what that message is, and how we can help you define and articulate this message to whoever wants to listen. Our work includes music videos for many local and international artists, promotional videos for glampings, eco-tourisms, hiking trails and other beautiful projects, but also wedding, event and real-estate video and photography.

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Facebook: Human Nature Videos
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“To collaborate with Thomas is for me to open widely the possibilities of translating my songs into video in a very sensitive and creative way. With some key images that I give to him as directions for the creation, Thomas naturally builds up a whole imagery universe for the song. With very effective and easygoing days
of shooting, the result is always surprising and inspiring to continue co-creating.” Mariana Root, Portuguese singer/songwriter, visit

“We love so much the video that Thomas created for us, anyone who saw it was amazed with the quality. He understood and captured the exact essence of our business. And most important it was a pleasure working with him, even for someone that doesn’t like being pictured.”  Anat & Lior, owners of Pizza Domingo – Sao Luis, Portugal

Website: Human Nature: Video & Photography


Facebook: Human Nature: Video & Photography

Phone: 00 351 967468091