Carl Munson: Podcast Producer

What is your story?

Imagine your story, business or project brought to life as a professional podcast. Work with me to create
a personal, memorable and engaging recording that works on your behalf, showcasing YOU as an
authority, thought leader and expert in your area of work and/or pleasure.

1. Discover how to tell your story and/or share your ideas effectively
2. Gain confidence in front of a microphone and as a speaker
3. Own a recording that can be shared across the Internet alongside the BIG names
4. Cost-effective, contemporary & unique approach to promotion, marketing & memory-making

The Process: Let’s co-create your podcast in a time-efficient, supportive and professional way – wherever you are in
the world. I want it to be valuable, informative and enjoyable – for YOU and your audience. My intention is to have you share and record your greatness, NOT interrogate or embarrass you. I will however ‘probe’ you, so that you can realise great things about yourself and your projects that you may not even be aware of. “You don’t know what you don’t know” (about yourself and your projects).

My Promise: You will receive a professionally-produced recording; duration, tone and style to be agreed as appropriate. I am confident you will be delighted with the result (if not, your full financial investment returned). I have 30 years’ experience in radio, and was an early-adopter of the podcast genre over 10 years ago. I have interviewed hundreds of people, all of them ‘stars’ in some way!

Your Commitment: I will need your full attention during the research, interview and review stages. The service will cost you 99 Euros. Additional advice on marketing, promotion and podcast syndication is not included in the basic service price. I invite you to see this as the first in a series of a regular recordings, i.e. your own branded podcast show, in this rapidly-growing and highly-popular medium.


Phone: 00 351 913 590 303

Address: Ourem, Portugal, 2435-509