Honey House Pet Hotel

Welcome to Honey House Pet hotel

We can look after your dogs, cats, small animals and horses whilst you are away.

We offer a friendly and personal service. We never take more than 6 dogs at anyone time (unless you have more and are happy for them to share).





We have a 40m x 10m run, with 2m high fences and a variety of spaces for your dog to stay out of the rain or sunshine. We have a smaller run for dogs who can jump fences, which has a covered roof and secure night time sleeping area. For dogs who are neutered, do not bother livestock and get on well with other dogs we can allow them the free run of our land. At night dogs can come in the house with us or if they are not house trained or prefer to be alone, we have warm rooms attached to runs for them to sleep in at night.

8 euros per night per dog (discounts available for more than one dog or longer stays) includes 4 walks a day and cuddles. Food is not included in this price, you provide the food for your animals. stay

We have two 1.5m x 2.5 m cat runs with an additional outdoor enclosed space of 5m x 3m .

5 euros per night. Food is not included in this price, you provide the food for your animals stay.


We have a 1 hectare paddock for horses with field shelter- please email for more details.

Contact Annie. Email: veganretreat@gmail.com, Tel: Portugal: 00 351 968 094 424 or UK 00 44 7552 325 377


Testimonial:  I love these guys! They looked after Benji and Miffy for weeks and weeks when we were heading back to the uk, I trust them implicitly. Clare Monson, Pure Portugal


Email: veganretreat@gmail.com

Phone: 351 968 094 424 or 00 44 7552 325 377