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After almost 20 years building a food forest in Central Portugal, in 2013 I returned to the UK to concentrate on Heirloom & Perennial Ltd, specialising in small low cost packs of edible species for permaculture, forest gardens and other growers.

I had often struggled to find plants & seeds that I wanted for my forest garden, at prices that I could afford, spending hours trawling the internet and invariably having to buy 100s or 1000s of seeds when I only wanted a few plants.

In this website, I have tried to create a comprehensive online resource, compiling information about species and cultivars from a wide variety of sources, while offering those species for sale at low prices and in small gardener, one season size packs.

I keep overheads low to keep prices down, and plough income back into the business, constantly sourcing and adding species & cultivars to the website, whilst also donating seeds to schools, people working with children and various educational & sustainability projects.

I do not sell F1s, GMOs or seed that I know to be treated with chemicals, and am expanding my selection of organic seeds & seeds that I know are untreated. Unfortunately, although most seed is not chemically treated, it is not labelled as such by my suppliers, so where my supplier has labelled seed as untreated (post-harvest) this is stated, although this does not imply that other seed is treated.

Most seed sold by me is open-pollinated, meaning that you can grow your own seed to use next year. Many of these are heirlooms, bred for taste and the amateur grower, by our ancestors. Commercial breeding is reducing the availability of these heirlooms. By selling them, and encouraging you to grow them and seed-save, I aim to help save these heirlooms from extinction. To my mind they are better than the commercial varieties, for amateur growers, and deserve to be preserved.

I also sell many seeds for perennial edible plants, many of which were grown and eaten by our ancestors, and I try to promote their use in our diets. They can add valuable vitamins to our diets, are generally less work than annuals, and often also provide habitat for wildlife.

My long-term aim is to create a tree factory & food forest in South West UK. Your purchases help to make this a possibility.

I do not grow any of the seed for sale here. Seed is purchased in relatively small wholesale quantities from independent suppliers & growers & repackaged into smaller packs for sale here. All seeds are labelled with growing instructions and dated.

As a grower, myself, I take seed viability very seriously. My system seems to work, but I appreciate that things can sometimes go wrong, and my policy is to always replace & refund buyers who are not satisfied.

I love running this business, and hope that my website inspires & encourages people to grow & eat new things. Industrial agriculture & the economic system is damaging our planet’s life support systems. Climate change & the loss of biodiversity are two of the challenges facing us as a culture. I hope that my work contributes in some small way to the social change that is necessary at this time in history. Every step we take towards sustainable horticulture & local food solutions is a step away from the precipice before us – capturing carbon, building soils and increasing diversity.

Growing food is also fun and healthy. A few babyleaf salad crops, grown in a window box, or a few leaves from perennial edible shrubs or edible flowers in your garden, can add valuable vitamins & minerals to your diet. There is something here for everyone, and I will continue to find new additions.


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