Handmade Wool Rugs

Mara Rara Rugs 

Handmade 100% wool rugs felted by hand. Although they look like sheepskin, the sheep are alive and thriving. The rugs are made of mainly locally sourced wool from the Serra do Açor with a little amount from my home roots of Netherlands.

The sheep are left to graze outside by small-scale farmers, who sell their wool directly to me. Some wool comes from the beautiful farm of Emily. Other from the farm in Casal Das Luadas.

I make rugs from your own wool if you have sheep. Or can make bigger sizes or different shapes.


The process of felting uses warm water and soap and the rugs are machine washable. The soap is organic and handmade by Denise Filhos da Terra.

Please contact me for orders and let us bring a new wave of creativity with wool to Central Portugal.

Mara x


Email: Maraverheij@hotmail.com

Facebook: Handmade Wool Rugs