Currency Exchange

Global Reach has over ten years’ experience in helping people move their money overseas. Whether you want to buy a house abroad, repatriate funds back home, or need to make regular business or personal payments in another country, we’ve got your currency needs covered.

We’ve helped over 25,000 people move money safely overseas and our customers choose us again and again because of our tailored service and customer orientated ethos. You can sign up for an account with us in minutes and begin making a transfer straight away. You’ll be assigned your own dedicated currency specialist who will help guide you through the market, keep you up to date with the latest currency news, and help you decide on the best strategy to make the most of your money. What’s more, Global Reach offers fee-free currency transfers over the minimum £3,000 requirement, and each trade is sealed with our Best Exchange Rate Guarantee.

It’s never too early to sign up – Global Reach can help you plan ahead and your dedicated currency specialist can even lock-in a great exchange rate now for you to use at any point up to two years in the future. The earlier you sign up, the more choices you’ll have available to you to maximise your funds when making a transfer. Registering with us is free and holds absolutely no obligation, but gives you the benefit of accessing live rates.

If you’re looking to make regular overseas payments to receive a pension, cover a mortgage, for a business, or anything else, Global Reach can help you transfer your funds cost-effectively in a number of ways to suit your circumstances.

Sign up for free and with no obligation here – Currency Transfers