We are a small Portuguese Atelier of Architecture working mostly on the regeneration of old houses and farms around Portugal. We have worked in the regions of Leiria, Coimbra and Azores. Our practice has the intention to give life back to our villages, trying to recover fundamental values that we would like not to be lost.

The difference in what we do is that we do not want to think architecture is detached from the landscape. A house is informed and created from how it relates to its environment, its biology and culture. Also, we don’t design buildings that look like the old times but instead we are more interested in inventing on top of tradition, trying to recover ancient knowledge and use it at the light of contemporary technologies and need for efficiency.

We are responsible for the whole different phases of the Architectural Project but too we can take full responsibility of the Construction as Building Site Manager. Our experience is not limited to Architecture as we have hands-on practice and connection with a network of people working professionally in Natural Building, Off-grid Energy Systems and Permaculture.


“eira” pursues the dream, in the future, of weaving together Architecture, Landscape, Tourism and Education.



Website: eira

Email: joao.filipe.serrano@gmail.com

Phone: 917695089

Address: Rua de Leiria, 230, Pernelhas, Parceiros
2400-442 Leiria

Area: Portugal & Spain