Bernardo Psychology

Isabella Bernardo is a UK trained Educational and Child Psychologist; working with children, young people and young adults.

She offers a consultation, assessment and intervention service on a range of areas including:

  • Social, emotional & mental health
  • Learning, attention & memory
  • Social communication & language
  • Bereavement, loss and & transition to a new country


Isabella provides a respectful and high quality service that is sensitive to the individual needs of a child or young person, promoting resilience and positive well-being. She gained a Doctorate in Educational, Child and Community Psychology from the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in London in 2013. Since then Isabella has worked for local authorities in London and outer London as well as the NHS (National Health System) UK in CAMHS (Child Adolescent Mental Health Service). She now provides an independent service to parents, schools and organisations in Portugal.


Consultation aims to identify new & alternative understandings of a presenting concern in a collaborative and open way; involving children/young people; parents/carers, school staff and others as appropriate. This may include consulting with parents or carers to further explore the nature of concerns; eliciting further new insights that can help identify new perspectives and possible strategies.



  • Eliciting a child’s/young person’s views using either interview or other tools
  • Observation of a child in his or her learning environment
  • Direct individual work using standardised or non-standardised assessments



  • Schools & Organisations:
    • Policy development and implementation of projects
    • Staff training & workshop on areas regarding approaches to teaching & learning and areas concerning child development
    • Critical incident support
    • 1-1 interventions in schools for students such as therapeutic based sessions based on cognitive behaviour therapy and narrative therapy
    • Group interventions for children including Mindfulness in School Programme (Certified Mindfulness in Schools Programme teacher)


Parents & Carers

  • 1-1 therapeutic interventions for your child as appropriate
  • Family consultancy sessions to improve family communication and relationships
  • Specific interventions between parent and child to develop atunement and communication


Please contact Isabella by email to discuss your needs. A one-hour initial consultation meeting to develop a plan of work will be free of charge: Email: or telephone: +447753965506

Website: Bernardo Psychology


Phone: +447753965506