Ecositana is a family business composed of a multidisciplinary team with 3 decades of experience in construction of wooden houses, stone houses restoration and carpentry. 






Our operation can be divided into three main branches:


First, we specialised in tailored wooden (or modular) houses built according to the customers designs. Houses are built with acoustics optimised and thermal insulation, key-in-hand, including bathroom fixture & fittings, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes. Everything is completely personalised. We can also help with the licensing process if needed.






Second, mainly in our region (Castelo Branco, Covilhã, Fundão, Idanha, Belmonte), we work in house restorations that are respectful of the local architecture. We assist in every aspect of the process; recuperating stone (granite or schist) walls, and insulating them, building complete insulated roofs or wood floors with elegant wood structures.




Third, we make kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, doors, and all kinds of carpentry and woodwork. We work with modern materials and each design is custom-made.

We speak fluent Portuguese, French and English.



Website: Ecositana


Facebook: Ecositana

Phone: 00 351 933 115 702

Address: Carpintaria da Lardosa
Estrada N18, KM87
6005-193 LARDOSA