Eco-Architecture and Bio-construction

Professional Architect and experienced workshop facilitator offers eco-architecture and natural construction services and information courses.

Eco-houses are homes that are designed to lessen the overall environmental impact during and after their construction, designed for people in search of a sustainable life in a healthy living environment without sacrificing comfort.

In addition to relying on natural building materials and techniques, a bioclimatic architectural design is essential: The orientation of the building, the consideration of local climate and site conditions, the inclusion of natural ventilation and heating systems among other factors enhance energy efficiency and, thus, fundamentally reduce operational costs in an environmental friendly way. Besides their environmental function, eco houses are personalised works of art that reflect the beauty of nature.


Guido Silva is a professional architect, ecological builder and workshop facilitator with perennial work and living experience in different eco villages in South America and Europe. As an architect, he has twelve years of working experience reaching from the technical design of sewage water treatment facilities to the integral design of ecological constructions applying the principals of Permaculture.

As an ecological builder, Guido is specialised in earth constructions and re-naturalisation works of houses using clay plasters and natural wall paints. For five years, Guido also works as a workshop facilitator offering natural building courses in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese for children, adolescents and adults.




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