Compost Toilets

No water needed, smell free, can be placed anywhere, and moved and stored away out of season if need be… What’s not to love!?

These fantastic composting toilet are completely waterless and come with a urine separator. Available for use with12v leisure battery (can be powered with a small solar panel) or 230v mains. You can attach the urine separator to a diversion pipe which can lead to a reed bed or soak away or can go to the supplied 7 litre container stored inside the loo itself.

Features: Thermoformed removable Urine separator (easy to remove for occasional cleaning) with built in 20mm waste pipe, simply connect your required length of flexible hose to the built in outlet pipe OR Available with internal 7 litre urine container

From 400 euros including postage. Please contact us for more details!


Website: Compost Toilets