Chemical Free Bathing Water

PURA Water Tech is a Bio Solutions Company developing sustainable technologies and products. Our main goal is to provide biological water system treatment for bathing waters.

Our experience and expertise is in producing natural water systems for bathing water, either working with your own contractors, or managing the whole natural bathing water process with you.





PURA Technology
PWT’s bio-filtration technology relies on bacterial action and an absorption filter to control any build-up of organic nutrients that leads to the growth of algae and pathogens. By controlling these nutrients, the technology delivers clear water without the use of any chemicals or other forms of water sterilisation. This technology has been developed and monitoring by our engineering team for the last 3 years in order to ensure safe naturalised bathing water.

Advantages of the PWT Technology
The main advantages are:

  • Health benefits as prevents allergies
  • Benefits to the environment
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Low energy consumption
  • More versatility
  • Modular system

Technology Validation
PWT PURA WATER TECH ® technology system is patented and fulfils all the international guidelines for biological outdoor water treatments for bathing water. Our partners are STARTUP LEIRIA, GLOBALAB and ARQUITECTURA VIVA.
The Company won a national prize in technology supported by the Take-Off Program and was selected to participate in an international competition in clean-tech supported by EIT-Climate KIC.

Installation System
The design and type of bathing water is discussed with our landscape architect and the biological treatment system is installed according to specifications. This system is very versatile due to the fact that it is modular, so it allows for the conversion of conventional chemical waters to naturalised waters.

“Um prazer entrar dentro de água! Uma água suave, leve e límpida, acompanhada de um som natural resultado das 3 saídas de água que a mesma dispõe e que fazem parte do inovador sistema. Uma verdadeira surpresa para mim que aprecio o som tranquilizante da água a correr. Um sistema biológico a recomendar, uma vez que, é também, uma mais valia enquanto reserva de água, tendo em conta a escassez da mesma que se advinha neste nosso Alentejo.”

“It was a pleasure to get into the water, accompanied by the soothing natural sound of water resulting from the 3 water outlets it has, which are part of this innovative system. A biological system to recommend, since it is also an asset as a water reserve, taking into account the scarcity of water that arises in our Alentejo.”  Rute Porto – Évora

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