Anthony Michaux

Anthony Michaux: Having built more than 500 residential homes, Anthony offers practical experience and advice. Since relocating to Portugal, he has built his family’s own tiny home in Orca. Now fully self-registered, he can help your family repair or start building your dream home or investment property.




“I have had the pleasure of knowing Anthony for the last 10 years. in both a professional and personal environment. I can state with confidence that he is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity, hard working and positive attitude. He has always remained highly professional when we worked together.” Gordon Bruce

“Tony renovated my small 2 room cottage including floors, kitchen and bathroom. We then added a wood deck and bbq area.  He has an exacting eye for detail and exceptional work ethic to keep any project on schedule and budget.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking an honest builder to tell you what is and is not possible or what he can not do. ” Jeremy

“We engaged with Anthony through Pure Portugal within a week of moving into our new property in Portugal. We had some urgent work that needed to be completed before the winter and to ensure our children’s safety. Anthony responded within 24 hours of our enquiry. He provided a detailed quotation and completed a complete survey of the required work. His nickname ‘The Fixer’ is truly apt as his knowledge and skill set is boundless. Within a few days he was on our site working with us and solving our problems. Anthony has a wealth of experience in so many areas. We warmed to Anthony immediately, he is a true Gent! We were also really impressed with the team he brings with him ( Michael and Paul) . Again great guys with lots of knowledge and very professional, at all times. The result….. we are extremely happy with the completed work, particularly how it evolved, primarily down to Anthony’s flexibility and adaptability to the job in hand. We certainly would not hesitate in recommending Anthony and look forward to our next project. Great job guys and a massive thank you! ” Jo and Clive




Phone: +351 (0) 966 309349 or Whatsapp: 966 117 810