Ana Cristina Hitrof, Translator

BA European Studies, MA Translation Studies (UK degrees)

  • Standard, legal and administrative translation
  • High quality manual translation for nuanced, culturally sensitive and context-appropriate textual work
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Commitment to deadlines


Born in Lisbon, I moved to the UK at an early age where I completed my studies and worked for most of my adult life. I studied for a BA in European Studies and an MA in Translation Studies (both UK degrees), achieving first-class honours and a distinction respectively.

Choosing not to pursue an academic career for family reasons, I worked as an upper school Steiner teacher in London, as a language teacher in the post-16 sector, and finally as a freelance translator, always in the UK.

In 2014, after a short family holiday in Minho, Portugal, my British family and I decided to move to a farm in central Portugal to pursue a more rural and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Professionally, my bilingual and bicultural background has given me a clear advantage. In fact, without a lived understanding of both cultures beyond language skills and linguistic concerns, the quality of my work would have been much diminished. This is because high quality translation must be nuanced, culturally sensitive and context-appropriate; a single word or phrase misinterpreted or lost in translation can indeed have costly repercussions, particularly in the legal and administrative environment. For this very reason, both my academic training and my bilingual/bicultural background are the foundation of my work as a translator.

In addition, with nearly 10 years’ experience of working with conveyancing solicitors, notaries, land registry offices, tax offices and architects in Portugal, I am well versed in the legalities and bureaucratic complexities of property acquisition in Portugal.

Services offered:

Translation: General, legal and administrative translation of contracts, deeds, official documents, reports, official letters and much more. Certified translations available on request. Language pairs:

  • English- Portuguese
  • Portuguese- English
  • French- English
  • French- Portuguese


Interpreting: General interpreting in any situation, including meetings, courts, hospitals, government departments, notaries, tax offices and many more.  Language pairs:

  • English- Portuguese
  • Portuguese – English


For more information on my full range of translation/interpreting services and/or for a quote, please contact:
Tel.        +351 925 871 935

“We have known Christina for two years during which time she has supported us on many occasions with translation and administrative services both professionally and personally. Christina is a highly skilled multi linguist who understands the nuances of both English and Portuguese language, culture and bureaucracy and has been invaluable as a mediator and translator. She is a true ally, always seeing the task through to fruition and is always on hand to keep us informed of updates, a lifesaver on several occasions! In terms of establishing our AL tourism business and dealing with the Camara and authorities, to mediating with the local football team so now we are established as a fundraising group promoting opportunities for the youth team, we give thanks to Christina as we could not have succeeded without her. She has made our integration into Portuguese life a pleasure”  Val and Richard Fraser-Stansbie

“Cristina Hitrof was recommended to our US-based documentary production company Can I Get a Witness by a partner in Portugal. We were looking for a translator to edit the Portuguese subtitles for one of our new documentaries. Cristina charged very reasonable fees, delivered superb quality and value, and met the deadline of the project. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the work submitted, her professionalism, attention to detail and dedication. Cristina is a clear and good communicator and we maintained an ongoing conversation throughout the process. We would like to recommend enthusiastically Christina as a translator.”  Joey Brite, Can I Get a Witness, producer and CEO, California and Petra Schweiger, Panacol Productions Film Company, Producer and CEO


Phone: +351 925 871 935