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Getting to know a different lifestyle with Teresa Leite Gonçalves.

Know yourself, embrace your body, love your planet. Allow yourself to do something completely different from what you are used to. Forget all the notions and ideas you have about how you should spend your holidays. The aim of this tour is to widen your horizons beyond yourself. When seeing new perspectives, new ways of engaging with people and nature, I hope you will be blown away by this adventure.

Portugal is filled with beautiful and very conscious alternative projects that are bringing a new way of living life into practice. Some are Portuguese, others not, but together they are bringing the change they want to see in the world.

From Yoga, spirituality, permaculture, sustainability, eco-building, detox, raw food, etc, different communities have different approaches and are focused on different paths. This is also my passion and the way I live my own life so I want to share it with you.



You will experience an alternative and more sustainable way of living, step out the city life and engage with a more rural experience. Learn to take care of your body, mind and environment, get your hands dirty and eat healthy and delicious vegetarian diet. Learn how to pick your own wild greens, learn how to bake your own bread, learn how cork comes alive from the tree to the bottle, go night searching for glow worms. If you allow yourself to stop, breath deeply and look around, you will definitely be in love with what surrounds you. Either if you just want to have a good time, find a new place to live or you want to learn new things, this will be a fun, integral way of travelling while knowing the hidden beauties of Portugal.




You can chose from spending 10 days in 3 different communities, you can decide to dive into one single community for a period of a week, emerging in a spiritual, a sustainable, an organic context or just learn how to live with them or you can tell me your plan and I will make it real for you as I know my way around these lands.

Participants number Mínimo 4, Máximo 8




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